Parents Academy with Pooh

Parents Academy with Pooh

“The Tigger is always a character. Moreover, character and Tigger are the one.

The spirit hisses from his head and his legs jump when he goes.”


Do you know what it is when Pooh’s empathy meets Rabbit’s leadership competence, Eeyore’s silence, and Tigger’s energy? Probably a mom ….

Today’s Parents ’Academy was a journey of self-knowledge with the help of A. A. Milne’s fairy tale heroes. Bea Illés was still our leader today in this journey, which was aimed at gaining a better understanding of ourselves, our decisions, by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of our personalities. And through this we can become better in our parental quality. The last half year has left hard marks on our souls, so it was good to put down these burdens when Bea asked in the opening round: What did you bring with you? Maybe you agree with me that today, when almost no one is waiting for an answer to the question “How are you?”, how well it was to report joys and struggles, because here and now the answer was found an attentive, compassionate hearing.

Then came our heroes, Pooh and his friends, with whose help Bea introduced us to the four main groups of personality types. It was exciting to see which type we belong to based on the test.

Why was it important whether we were more Bunnies or Eeyore? Because these personality traits define us, their origins lead us to our ancestors, and their knowledge opens up space for our children. With their knowledge and the development of our self-knowledge, we can see our decisions and actions better and more clearly.

Who became Bunny? And who is Tiger? We have found that all of them live in all of us.

In the final conversation, Bea helped bring our children closer to us. After all, now, on the threshold of change, they need us even more. And that’s the most important thing.


And one more thing: do you know what a “B-middle” is? Yeah, yeah, that’s “the hard core”. 😉 It’s good to belong here.

Bea, Méri, thank you! Let’s continue in the fall!

Andrea Nagy, parent, Kaposvár 4.