Parents’ academy at Pecs

Parents’ academy at Pecs

On 26th of April parents filled the community house again to listen to mathematics and chemistry teacher Simon P. Edit, also a beautician, who held a lecture on Chemistry in your household.

Seeing the chemical elements and formulae remembered our school years. The lecturer explained what is happening during our household chores in detail. We got many useful energy saving tips. Among many things we were taught if we use bio detergent for washing, 35-40 degrees are enough so we can save. Tights should be used with conditioner so they won’t stick to skirts.

Soap nuts, as an alternative way, are better for whites and are better to be soaked in hot water first. Washing soda also has a whitening effect but may harm your washing machine, by building up lime scale, which was not an issue in our grandmothers’ time when they did their washing at the brooks.

About vinegars, we were told that only the 10% and 15% ones are biologically produced, the 20% ones are produced synthetically therefore are not recommended for salads. It is a great substance for removing lime scale and mould but not to be used together with bicarbonate of soda because it may result in a chemical reaction.

We should also be careful not to use bleach and acids together as they for toxic gases. Never put bleach in the washing machine as it will damage the parts made of plastic and rubber.

We were astonished to hear that raising PH of our skin actually may cause infections.

Many questions came up during the lecture about foods and drinks and hair dyes and their cancer causing effects. After two hours we agreed to meet again in autumn to get an answer to our questions.

Thank you for the useful lecture!

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