Find out Yourself

Find out Yourself

Three day long (17-19 October) Secondary Further Studies Exhibition is open for the public in Szeged

With some 8th grade students from group 1 of Szeged we visited the IH Centre where the town’s secondary schools had an exhibition about the trainings, classes and faculties that their schools offer for primary school students. Those who were interested in the exhibition could complete self-knowing tests, got useful information about schools and a website was introduced which aims to help students and parents to get the necessary information required for secondary school studies.

The most interesting for us were the two tests that we filled in and evaluated with the help of experts. We learned with the help of one of the tests what type our interest is (ruler, innovative, objective or social), the other test helped us to decide what the best orientation is for us in secondary school (mechanic, financial or trade).

After the exhibition we went to a confectionery where we continued the discussion about further studies with our mentor, Ms Piroska.

It was really good to go to this exhibition because Márk, for example, got a lot of useful pieces of information about his chosen school. Alíz was reassured that her choice was good, Dorina was uncertain which way to go but now she has more information to make a good decision. Others, like Evelin, Dani and Bence, also got helping hands and information which school to go to next.

Dorina, Alíz, Evelin, Bence, Dani, Márk group 1of Szeged