Treasure Hunt reward trip

Treasure Hunt reward trip

Over the weekend, the top winners of the cross-school year Taller Collection competition went on a reward trip. The Taller Collector competition, which has been running for a number of years, aims to provide children with a playful way to practise target languages alongside the traditional language competition. This year, participants were able to solve a variety of puzzles in interesting online courses, similar to last year. One of the main features of the excursion was based on this playfulness, and the children were divided into teams to solve the mystery of a missing crystal.

In addition to practising the target languages, there were also enrichment activities: the mammoth skeleton of the Natural History Museum in Gyöngyös, a folk dance show, an Adrenalin Park and a Kékes tour.

Bianka Járay, Pécs Group 2, McDaniel College, Political Science

“We had the adventure of a lifetime on the evening of the reward trip to the Mátra for the students who excelled in the Treasure Hunt competition. We were in the middle of a mystery. An investigation into a robbery had to deduce the motive and the identity of the perpetrator from an investigation report and information found at the scene. After a close battle between the teams of detectives, a nail-biting announcement of the results followed. The stakes were high, with the aspiring detectives in for thunderous applause, cheers, a sea of accolades and a lot of goodies. Thanks so much to Bibi and Anna for keeping our brains engaged with colourful and interesting puzzles every month throughout the year and for an unforgettable evening.” András Dömölki and Zsombor Barkóczy Pécs Group 2

“The last two days we have had a great time. The Mátra Museum was very interesting. The Oxygen Adrenalin Park, where we had a very varied and adventurous experience.” Bozó Kata, Szentes Group 1

“Today we visited the Oxygen Adrenalin Park in Sásto. We took part in extremely exciting adventure courses and challenges. Our favourite activity was the bobsleigh ride, but we also enjoyed the funicular, the exciting suspension bridge at high altitude and the bike ride around the park on the funicular railway. We could see the tanks and war planes on display, and the more and more entertaining activities, including archery and pond activities. In the afternoon we also took a short tour, but this time we headed for the Blue Lake. Here, besides the beautiful view, we also visited a monument, which is very special for us Hungarians. At the statue we also commemorated the historical Hungary that suffered the peace treaty of the First World War, since today is the 4th of June.” Fruzsina Borbála Székelyi, Jászberény Group 2

“After visiting the Mátra Museum, we went to the accommodation, where we took our places in the chalets after receiving the keys. We were glad to share a room with our companions from other community houses, because it allowed us to get to know each other better. Our accommodation, in a picturesque location, was next to the Sástó. Taking advantage of the proximity of nature, we visited several times. The waterfront was extremely beautiful and was a kind of central place, as the restaurant where we ate was located near it. This allowed us to observe the wildlife while relaxing. During our morning walk, we came across several ducks sitting along the lake, and the frogs croaking and birds chirping made for a great idyllic moment while we rested. In our free time we played darts, had ping-pong matches and billiards was also very popular.” Sarolta Kovács-Nagy, Levente Sipos, Barnabás Radó, Márk Pozsonyi, Milán Vajda, Kaposvár Group 2, Nagybajom Group 2

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