Meeting of the SLA team before the schoolyear

Meeting of the SLA team before the schoolyear

At the last weekend of August, the language teachers, mentors, and volunteers of the Foundation had their annual meeting. During the meeting we fixed the syllabus, the methods of teaching, testing, and evaluation that the teachers will follow throughout the year. Besides the monthly tests the new Coin Collecting game was also introduced, which is a gamification-focused monthly task.

During the second half of the meeting, we discussed the possible ways to integrate language classes to the Foundation’s new, innovative, project-based syllabus. The Foundation-wide oral exam in December will take place in a hybrid way: both online and in-class exams will be available.

Among many new faces, we also introduced Amber Woolem, our newest member from the USA, who will work in close contact with the children from the Foundation.

We had a dynamic, effective meeting and we all are looking forward to working together!

Bianka Járay

ELTE, English Language and Culture Studies, 3rd year