Opening of the school year in Kaposvár

Opening of the school year in Kaposvár

The new school year started in the spirit of work and relaxation on the first weekend of September at the Kaposvár Community House. Parents, students, volunteers and younger members took on yard and garden work.

The boys set themselves the task of tidying up the first garden, moving stones to create a new rock garden, pruning trees, clearing the gutters and paving the pavement. During this time, the girls were responsible for washing the trellises, cleaning the windows, cleaning the terrace and tending the small garden.

Their reward was to pick the tomatoes and peppers that had ripened in our small garden, which made delicious fresh ratataouille, and, thinking of the cooler autumn days to come, they even jarred some of the goodies. We really have to thank the CSR community of Kontron Hungary for their care and attention, as this was the second time we were able to harvest a large quantity.

After the joint work, the members of the Kaposvár 2 group started the new school year “officially” with a joint pizza bake, a concert, socialising until dawn and a good chat. We had a lot of laughs at the “sleepover” party, with a great view of the starry summer sky from our courtyard. We loved the day, full of work and relaxation.

Some of us started the school year with a German language exam, Enikő Sármány did her best in basic German. Her oral result – 93% – gives hope for a successful certificate. We wish all our partners a successful and good year in the educational institutions.