Study methology training through the eyes of a child

Study methology training through the eyes of a child

During study methodology training I liked the best…

…when we played shop assistant and customer situation, because it was exciting. (Majoros Ivett, Tarnay Ákos)

…the trick the other game. It was very funny, I was tricked at first but I have learnt that I have to pay attention (Csernyánszki Dzsennifer)

… the three EL-rule, because I can learn better. (Schneider Krisztián)

… the making of idea map, because we worked in groups. (Bártfalvi Benjamin)

… the advice tree; it is good to heed advice. (Veréb Zsanett)

… the rhythm game, because we passed the ball to each other on rhythm. (Balogh Szintia)

… everything. I liked everything, I had great fun. (Izsák Balár, Pázmándi Ármin)

… the one minute talk. (Kiss Vivien)

… “What is school good for?” game. I learned a lot form it and I will obey them. (Czulák Linda)

… learn about your studying style. (Wensofszky Balázs)

… title meditation. (Keszthelyi Vivien)

… pair tasks, because we had to listen and pay attention to your partner. (Orsós Dániel, Jakab Kata)