Methodology Training

Methodology Training

On the 24th and 25th November we organised a training about how to learn effectively.

On Saturday and Sunday the students got some information and advice about how they can learn easier, investing less energy. So they learned how to learn:

I loved everything in this lesson. There were many interesting tasks. Mrs. Piroska gave us really good advices, we could learn a lot new things. It was different, than what we do at school. (Mónika Fehér)

I share the opinion that these two days were good. I learned lots of things about how to learn. The tasks were very playful. I can use this knowledge in the future to learn easier. I loved the painting part the most. I had a great time. (Lídia Zsombók)

We filled in a funny questionnaire, and as a result we realised that we should have read task more carefully. I found out that I am a visual type. (Virág Versényi)

This training showed me how to learn a poem. The best thing was that Mrs. Piroska was teaching in a very good way. During the breaks we played football. Then we found out our learning style; I am a quiet type. (Bence Bognár)

I loved this lesson very much; in my opinion these two days were really useful. The best task was the exercise in connection with butterflies. (Patrik Baráth)

I liked this training because it also helped me in reading. We filled in lots of tests, I had the best results in the monotony-test. (Roland Bolyós)

We painted and drew. During the breaks we played football. Mrs. Piroska is a very kind teacher. (Márk Tajti)

During these two days we got lots of information about how we can learn easier. We received lots of good advice from Mrs. Piroska. We did playful tasks, filled in tests and enjoyed our time. (Anna Horváth)

I am a moveable and auditive type of learner. (Tamás Kántor)

As for me this lesson was useful because I learnt how to learn. I learned a lot about animals. (Martin Dávid Nagy)

For me it was very good because we not only played a lot but we also learned a lot. If I get a homework at school, I will know how to start it. We also laughed a lot. We did not get grades for our work, and it was much better, at school they do not have time to teach us how to enjoy learning. I had a great time! (Fanni Törőcsik)