Spring online oral exams

Spring online oral exams

Spring came with the Foundation’s online oral exams. Despite the planned personal exams, we moved into the online space, too. Everybody who took part in the five-round language competition are entitled to take the oral exam in English or in German. The exams are good to practice for the real exams and the children also can prove their knowledge as well not just in writing but orally. We do hope that during the exams the children will show their best.


The oral language exam in Kaposvár was on 18th of March. Hamlin Zsuzsa, language teacher and Visontai Leonard university student from group 3 of Kaposvár share their experience.

‘It was good to experience today during the exam that those students who are rather shy in person now were more open and we could talk with them fluently. Everybody was well prepared and I could notice a significant development compared to the winter oral exams. Many of the students are ready to take C1 level language exam and I can suggest many others to try B2 language exam as well. Of course, we have a long way to take but they are ready get their knowledge measured at this point.’

Hamlin Zsuzsanna

‘Today I had the chance to see the oral exam from the examiners’ point of view. All the students were good, many of them had no difficulty to speak fluently and confidently. I really enjoyed to be part of the whole exam as a little mentor. I would be happy to join next time as well.’

Visontai Leonard


The Community House of Szeged was the first station of the oral exams on the 16th March. There were 13 students on B2 and C1 level to show how much they could improve their English knowledge. Most of the students did fine but there were some who needed a little encouragement to perform better.


Students from the community house in Mohács could also take their oral examination for the language competition in German. The exam was online, and I would here like to thank Gergő Koszta and Tünde Tóth that they trusted in me and let me be the examiner at B2 level in German. In my opinion, this was a very nice idea, because they students only meet me through these kinds of exams, and maybe it can be useful for them to experience the situation when a stranger examines their language skills. In winter, I could also take part in the oral exam here, in Mohács, as a member of the committee, and thus I could experience their development in the last few months. For me, it was a wonderful experience, though I think the students were a bit nervous but hopefully not because of the fact that they were scared of me, it must have been awkward for them to talk to someone who is not their German teacher. All of them did very well, some of them even did a good job above their levels of German. I was happy to join this exam. Let’s meet again next year!

Kinga Király, group 1 of Jászság, teacher of English and German

Today, March 24, the German B1 group from Mohács participated in the oral language exam. The online sphere was a little bit strange, and it made the fight against stage fright more difficult. However, all seven examinees accomplished the tasks. It was a pleasure to see the students again. Hopefully, we will be able to see each other the next time in person again.
Mária Eszter Bogdán, Nagybajom 1, Eötvös Loránd University, German language, literatue, and culture major, McDaniel College Budapest Communication major student

I was really impressed by how much growth I saw since the last exams and and this summer when I was at the camp with Jászberény. Everyone did a wonderful job. I am really proud of their efforts in the exams, especially during a time like we are currently living in with a lot of uncertainty and changes. Congratulations to all of the students, teachers, and mentors for their great work!

Amber Woolam, volunteer