TDK first place

TDK first place

Szabolcs Turuczki, student of agricultural engineering in Szeged Group 2, won first place at the TDK held at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Szeged University of Technology on 7 December 2022, and was proposed for the next year’s Agricultural OTDK. Congratulations!

“”This year, the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Szeged has organized the Faculty TDK, i.e. the Scientific Student Conference. During the event, 21 students presented their papers in 4 different sections.
I presented my research and experimental results in the Animal Science and Feeding Section, entitled “Rearing of Fry Carp on Arthropod Food Sources”. With this TDK thesis and my presentation, I was awarded first place at the Faculty Scientific Student Conference.


My mentor Péter Mikics, the Csányi Foundation and my faculty advisor Dr. Tamás Monostori, professor, helped me a lot in the continuous development of my thesis topic and its final appearance”.

Szabolcs Márk Turuczki
Group 2 Szeged

More information can be found on the faculty website.