The journey is on – the oral language exams have begun

The journey is on – the oral language exams have begun


If it’s spring, then – as is now routine – the oral round of the language competition takes place. The oral test is preceded by several rounds of written tests. In my opinion (and I think many of us agree on this), even if you prepare carefully (or less so due to lack of time?), there is always an increased excitement in the oral test of your foreign language skills. In Kaposvár, the exams for English C1 and German B1-B2 started on 21 March. Now, beyond the exam, I can tell you that the initial nervousness and tension was quickly eased by the kindness, attentiveness and helpfulness of our language teachers and the external committee members, and the conversation, which could be compared to the oral part of the exam, took place in this relaxed atmosphere.

We are all happy to have passed our exams, but the excitement remains as the stakes are high: the overall results will decide who will go on the summer language camps abroad. For those of you who have passed the oral test – congratulations; for those of you who still have to take the test, I wish you all the best. And last but not least, I very much hope to be a travelling member of the club.

Pretz Jázmin Kaposvár Group 2


We started our oral language exams on the afternoon of 22 March. Our children took the exam online or in person, depending on who was at the Mohács Community House or away. The young people in group 3 tested their knowledge at B1 and B2 level. Our volunteer Eszter Bogdán presented the candidates with interesting exercises and gave them all the help they needed to make the best of their exams. Annamária Éles mentor