The Csányi Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

25th April – The third day

After the press conference the Founder Dr. Csányi Sándor welcomed us and evaluated the past 10 years encouraging us to continue studying hard and making an effort to reach for our goals. Following that the juniors from Mohacs went on stage and all the other groups performed, showing their field of interest for the sponsors, supporters, invited guests and the press.

We also had the pleasure to welcome Áder János, the President of Hungary who after expressing his appreciation to the Foundation’s mission, congratulated to Bogdán Csaba and Takács Szilveszter, who completed the Educational Program of the Csányi Foundation and entered into the labour force.

It is a tradition that every year the best among best get an award for having an outstanding academic performance in the given school year. Orbán Viktor, the Minister-President of Hungary gave the students the award this year, which was a great honor.

Among the delegated 27 students the Advisory Board decided via secret ballot the following students:

Grade 5-6.: Szép Hanna from Mohács
Grade 7-8.: Terestényi Anna from Kaposvár
Grade 9-10.: Kovács Dániel from Szeged
Grade 11-12.: Kovács Viktória from Jászberény
University age student: Kmett Dániel István from Jászberény

It was awesome welcoming Davor Šuker footballer, who is the president of the Croatian Football Federation. He announced his 10. 000 Euro donation for the Csányi Foundation’s Educational Program.

We eagerly waited for the Football match. This year we had the great pleasure to play against:

Áder János, President of Hungary
Bánki Erik, MP member
Berzi Sándor, vice-president of MLSZ
Czuppon Péter, the Chief Operation Officer of Telki Globall
Csányi Attila, Advisory Board member
Dr. Csányi Sándor, Founder
Davor Šuker, winner of the Champions League and top goal scorer of the World Cup in 1998
Kiss-Rigó László, Bishop of Szeged-Csanád
Nyilasi Tibor winner of FIFA Silver Shoe award
Orbán Viktor Minister-President of Hungary, the trainer of the surprise team
Vági Márton, general secretary of MLSZ

The members of the Foundation’s football team were the following:

Horváth Balázs
Hajdu László
Feil Gergő
Sipos Attila
Rostás István
Tóth Máté
Galambos Krisztián
Sebők Marcell
Terestyényi Anna
Horváth Péter
Varga Levente
Pécsi Roland
Faragó Brúnó
Hortobágyi Bence
Simon Mátyás
Kisiván Milán

It was a very exciting and tough match were the surprise team won for 5:3.

We were happy welcoming our guests, thank you very much for coming and sharing our happiness on this special day. We really appreciate the visit and the participation and hope that the day convinced them about the importance and efficiency of the Foundation’s Educational Programme. We keep on working and continue our mission supporting gifted, socially disadvantaged children through each milestone of their lives, assisting them to overcome socio-economic obstacles and to develop their innate talents.

Please visit the Gallery to see the photos regarding the 3 days. Soon the press feedback will be shared on the Hungarian website.

24th April – The second day

7:00 We hardly can wait for the games prepared for us. It is going to last for the whole morning! Hurray! I wonder what the rest of the day will bring, but we are together and that is the most important.

9:00 It’s a bit cloudy but we are not blue, hopefully it will not rain. Creative team building activities are waiting for us. The animators are great fun and the tasks seem to be challenging, no wonder that we can hardly wait for getting started.

14:30 Let’s sing! The Foundation announced a competition in which we invited all the groups for the performance. They designed their costumes, and arranged the stage We are eager to know who will be the best?

16:00 The final round of the Foundation’s Cup Football tournament is on the round. The elder ones and the younger ones are also competing. It was great fun playing together and the weather was just wonderful.

20:30 Last but not least the Csányi Band gave an awesome concert. The surprised with the songs of their new CD.

23rd April – The first day

While our friends form the 6 Community Houses set off to meet at 5 pm in Telki, me and Kinga and Valentin accepted an invitation into a life morning show called „Családbarát” at Duna TV.

It was more than exciting being behind in the studio and our stage fright has just vanished when giving the interview because dr. Radoszáv Miklós the Chief Operation Officer of the Foundation was there to support us. We were gladly talking about our everyday at the universities and Csaba was pleased to share his experiences from the real life, namely he belongs to the lucky ones who completed the Foundation’s Programme and started working. Apart from us we were happy to announce that the Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary and all the kids will be together for 3 days. We are eagerly waiting for Saturday when we will surprise the Founder and the invited guests with our end of year showcase.

We keep on informing you about the happening! Happy anniversary!

Kinga Király, György-Dávid Valentin, Bogdán Csaba

16:30 The day has come – we are all very happy to be together again. It was fantastic as we saw the busses arriving. It’s great welcoming our friends, mates from the other Community Houses. This three days will be special as we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Foundation.

17:00 The rehearsals have started. We are so excited, we wish to give the best performances ever on this special occasion.

20:00 Dinner was served and we were very pleased because after the long and tiring day the delicious meal gave us energy to continue the rehearsal.

21:00 The day has come to an end. The Band had its rehearsal and all the kids cheered for them and loved listening the new songs.

22:00 After the kids fall asleep the mentors sat daown to assess the day and discuss the tomorrow’s program.