Scientific Competition at Knowledge Gate

Scientific Competition at Knowledge Gate

This year we visited the Knowledge Gate within Researchers’ Night. The organisers waited us at several different stations like the chemistry, physics and biology rooms of the museum and we had to fill in questionnaires concerning about the subject, which is the main theme of the room where we were.

The first station was the biology room. Here we had to identify bugs, snails and different microscopic animals. After biology we went to the physics room. Here, we heard interesting lectures on mechanics and heat. The last station was the chemistry room with colourful and exciting experiments. At the last station we had to hand in our questionnaires and the best ones got a reward. Everyone in our group could answer the questions immaculately thus all of us could take home a plaster animal.

After the programme, we had dinner in Boci Tejivó.

Nora Nádudvari

Szeged 2