Túró Rudi!

Túró Rudi!

On 30 May, as a reward for the contest announced jointly with Bonafarm, the participants could visit the Sole-Mizo Zrt.’s Túró Rudi factory in Marcali, where they could get an insight into the production process of Túró Rudi and make their own sweets from Túró Rudi ingredients, turning the factory’s dining room into a kind of impromptu competition.
There were three age groups: grades 5-6, grades 7-8 and grades 9-10. The entries were judged by Bonafarm staff, and we are proud to list the best entries based on the votes cast:

Grades 5-6:
1st: Emma Stefán
2nd: Péter Gaál and Vanda Horváth (tie)
3rd: Zsanett Dancsó and Laura Beke (tie)

Grades 7-8:
1st: Hanna Kovács and Zsolt Kovács (joint competition)
2nd: Anna Maja Sas

Grades 9-10:
1st: Milán Vajda
2nd: Boglárka Szalai
3rd: Eszter Pálfi

Congratulations to all!

Thanks to Bonafarm and Mizo for the competition, the cooperation and the gifts, to the employees of the farm for the programs and the unlimited consumption!

“I submitted an application during the school year for the “Focus on Health” contest sponsored by Bonafarm. Every year I participate in the contests announced by Bonafarm because the field trips I win are full of experiences. The experiences I have on factory visits are very useful for me. This year, we had the opportunity to visit the Túró Rudi factory in Marcali. I was curious to see the process through which this delicious sweet is made. I was particularly pleased that we were able to create an “imaginary” dessert from cottage cheese and chocolate, which was awarded first place by the jury. Thank you very much to the organisers for the opportunity!”
Boglárka Szalai, Nagybajom Group 2