The new school year has started – PT meetings

The new school year has started – PT meetings

Jászberény: “On 21st september 2018 we held parent’s meeting for Jászság 2. group. We got information about the schoolyear, current application and about family trip, too. The trip will be in Parád this year. This is the schoolyear of the choice of carreer. We will have much things to do, but we will get much help from the teachers and mentors of the Foundation. There was somebody, who was worried about schedule of the children, but most of us was satisfied with the plans. We think there will be exciting months.” Kata Barankai-Erős
Group Nagybajom 3: ‘We had our first parent – mentor meeting and family day on a grey Saturday morning on 22nd September. Roland called our attention to the importance and preparations of our children’s portfolios. We were informed about last year’s results and summer camps, and then about the new year’s programs and changes in lessons. At the end of the meeting we also signed our contracts with the Foundation. After it we started our family day with a delicious lunch, homemade cakesand good conversations.’ Lukács Szilvia  és Andrasek Krisztina szülők NB3
Group Nagybajom 1: We held our student-parents  meeting in Nagybajom as well. We discussed the challenges of this term, and we even talked about the language competition and the application facilities. The children wrote down their aims and goals, which were set in the Student Contract certified by their parents’ and mentors’ sign.

Mohács group 3 – We had our first, traditional Parent’s meeting at the beginning of the school year. We discussed and refined the contract and the challenges of this term, the new projects and we even talked about the language competition. We are sure we will have a very challenging term with very interesting and exciting programs.

We wish all students, mentors and teachers a very successful school year!

Mohács – Group 1 and 2 of Mohács held their first Parent’s meeting. After sharing experiences of the summer camps we discussed our main topics about this school year. The parents were informed and really excited about the changes and the new projects that will focus  more to the children’s talent and the increase of their knowledge. We decided to renew our  contracts to be undertakable.

Jászberény – On September 17 we arrenged the first parents meeting in the Jászság 3 group. We did a travelogue about the camps we attend this year, after that Ildi néni, our mentor explained the following programs of the year: camps, competitions and the next camps. The programme of the pedagogy has changed that means the new curriculum of the Foundation focuses more to the children’s talent and the increase of their knowledge. In the end we refined what we take in the contract. In the weekend we are going to Jászdózsa where the kids will cok together with the collagues of the OTP. Thank you this beautiful summer for the Csányi Foundation and we are witing for the fall very excitingly.

Nagybajom – We really enjoyed the day (szeptember 15 – Nagybajom Group 2). We talked about the new schoolyear on the parent’s meeting, the children participated in „A minute to win it” game. We had a talk with each other and got a delicious meal. We are really thankful for the family days because it builds strong bonds and we can be a part of the foundation too. László Gázsik, Nagybajom

Szeged – We came together on the 6th of September to discuss the coming school year’s activities and programmes together with the group’s mentor, children and parents of group 3 in Szeged. Everyone had nice memories about the summer holiday but now we have to concentrate on the new challenges of the coming months. We also signed the contract with the Foundation and the children wrote their pledges for the coming school year. We are all going to work together to help the children to achieve their goals. Börcsök Erika, parent

Szeged 2 group:Group 2 of Szeged held their first parental conference on 19 Sep 2018 during which we introduced the different classes to the parents, fixed this year’s programs and applicational opportunities. Until the classes in October the group will participate in this weekend’s Pick Running Festival and next Friday’s Researchers’ Night. Mikics Péter Group 2 of Szeged

Kaposvár – Group 1 held its parent-mentor meeting on September 10th. With my colleagues, we introduced some potential changes that are affecting the content of our lessons. We would like to organize our weekend classes in a way that children would have the chance to attend the lessons that are appropriate to their talents and interests. We also talked about our upcoming Family Day, as the four groups of Kaposvár are planning a joint trip to Badacsony at the weekend. Last but not least we renewed the contracts with the Foundation.

Kaposvár – On September 11, the 4th Group in Kaposvár also held the first seminary meeting of this year, in which besides the parents, all the mentors of the Community House also participated to strengthen the cohesion and common goals. We talked about the first important program of this year, the Family Day, when we’ll visit Badacsony. Parents, kids and mentors are all excited about the event. After the summer break, we will have a day with the group to learn about the rules and to talk about the events of the school year. The learning methodology classes will be at the end of September, the children are already looking forward to it. In a really good afternoon parents received all the important information about the programs, while the children played a logic game and talked to each other.

The school years starter parents’ conference was mostly about the new developing system wich is on Saturday. The humane and the real blocks were built out of the humane power equipments. The humane part might contains reading, theatre, history (with photography, filmography and radio in it), communication. The real on the other hand contains physics, information technology, chemistry and board games. It might occur that the lingual contest no longer will be obligatory, and there might will be a brand new system wich will help to take those online tests, everybody can join! The conference made the parents have some train of thought.
Ihász Dániel/K3/