Swimming camp in Mohács

Swimming camp in Mohács

Today on the 15th of June the swimming camp started for group 1 in Mohács.

15th June – We met in the Community House in the morning and we had some crafting with the leading of andragogist Emese Hegedűs. We spent the time with bracelet making, textil painting and bead weaving. After lunch we had a taste of the icecream made in the nearby café, then our program continued in the swimming pool. Kovács László swimming teacher lead us in some warming up exercises, then he checked our the swimming abilities. After practising swimming we could enjoy the new fun pools.

16th June – The members of group 1 in Mohács started the second day of their local camp at the swimming pool. After some warm-up exercises they were rehearsing the exercises from the previous day. With the guidance of Laci bácsi they continued to learn and practise some new swimming techniques. At the end of the swimming lessons we could enjoy the fun pools again. After lunch we continued the day at the Kanizsai Dorottya Mmseum where we learnt from Éles Annamária about the life, costumes and culture of the different nationalities and ethnic groups living in Mohács.

17th June – third day of the local swimming camp
The third day started in the swimming pool. The children started with warm up exercises out of pool in a playful way then they continued in the water. After revising the already learned strokes, the bravest ones could test themselves in the deep pool and they did more and more rounds in breast and back stroke. The rest of the group practised the basics of breast and back strokes in the shallow pool. Due to the cool weather today the amusement pools were not used this time but an exciting handball match compensated the children. After lunch we visited the Busóudvar where the children learned about the past and present of the Busós.

18th June – fourth day of the local swimming camp
On Thursday morning beautiful sunny day welcomed us, which was a really good start for the day after the gloomy weather of the past few days. The day started in the swimming pool where we practised and revised last days’ techniques and strokes. After the warm up session the advanced children swam four breast stokes in the deep pool and the less advanced children practised in the shallow pool. After elevenses the kids learned the basics of back strokes under the supervision of Mr Laci. Thanks to the sunny weather, we finished the day in the amusement pools. After lunch Varga György introduced the history of the battle of Mohács in the Memorial Park of Sátorhely.