City adventure tour in Kaposvár

City adventure tour in Kaposvár

Today we participated in an unusual project closing session within the framework of our Value is the Measure project. During the city knowledge quiz, we took a 6.5-kilometer lap along a route where we often walk along, even every day. However, in the daily rush, we have little time to truly observe the things around us, and we pass by all those valuable things. Along with several monuments and statues we also visited a church. Although we knew where these places were located, this game drew our attention to these true values, which are related to the history of the city and even to our lives.

Naturally, this did not go so easily, the tasks and stations were hidden in logical and literary texts, so we had to figure out each solution along the way. Two of our teachers were involved in the compilation of the tasks: Ádám Balogh and Dr. Péter Gombos. We spent this time cheerfully and excitedly and when we faced another team on the street, we always made sure to be a bit faster, to be a step ahead.

At the end of our journey, our mentor, Sasa, was waiting for us at a café and she invited us for a lemonade and a sandwich. We rested next to the refreshments while excitedly telling each other about the experience we had over the past two hours. At the end of our adventure, Adam announced the results. The team ‘Mestervesztesnégyes’ finished third, in this group we had Nándi Dausek, Peti Sárközi, Ádám Nógrádi and Dani Vincze. The prestigious second place was won by the ‘Selejtek’ team, which was strengthened by Petra Kovács, Enikő Sármány and Sárközi Eszter. For the first place, there was a tie between the remaining two teams. Among the ‘Elégedetlenek’ there were Emma Sárközi, Robi Tallián and Dominik Antal; while the members of ‘’ were Saci Kovács-Nagy, Levente Sipos and me. And we won something we’ve been waiting for a long time to do we can go to an escape room!

After sharing the different stories and experiences, we happily said goodbye to each other, knowing that soon, when we move into the new Community House, we’ll meet again, and similarly, we’ll need this kind of groupwork that we showed today. With the help of these programs, we are becoming more and more forged together, young and older, and we are able to feel like a real group.

Pretz Jázmin, Kaposvár K1