On the first day (4th July) our thinking-developer and logic camp began in Veszprém for the 1st group of Jászság and the 3th group of Kaposvár. After getting settled at the College we had some time together to talk. After dinner we went for a sightseeing in the city. At first we walked around the square of Óváros. We visited the “Tűztorony”, and stopped under the gates of the Castle, we ate some ice cream at the bottom of the castle, we walked up from the wall of the castle and we were amazed from the view of Veszprém. After that we walked over the walkingsreets of the new part of the city.


Second day: After breakfast we visited the Zoo of Veszprém, witch lies on a huge field, where we saw lots of wild animals. We walked all over the natural trail too. In the early hours of the afternoon we visited the Museum,witch is in the square of Óváros. At first we watched Gerhes Gábor contemporary artist’s Four elements named exhibition at Csikász Gallery. After that we watched “Szent Imre Piarista és Helyőrségi” church paintings and Saint Ladislaus’s burst. After we walked inside the Bishop’s palace,where we watched the “Kiegyezés és koronázás -1867” exhibition with a guide, we heard lots of interesting facts too. In the afternoon, at the warmness we chilled ourself at the Lake Balaton, but there were someones, who choosen the beach football.

Third day: This was the day when we met the colleagues of MCC and they held us a training. Firstly Zsolt Wittman as the leader of the talent menagement showed us the high school programme of MCC, for wich some of us will surely apply later on because they can can be very useful in terms of learning after high school. After that Dr. Agnes Veszelszki, docent of Budapest Corinus University held us the training. The tasks were various and very interesting but they weren’t alike the ones we usually do with our regular teachers so they weren’t too tireing. We worked with a lot of interesting topics during the activity, where among others we talked about the dangers of facebook and the internet the addictions but we also tried to improve our ability to communicate. We spent the training in a godd athmosphere and we used good teamwork. After dinner we walked around the city then wa went to see the new Spider-man movie in the cinema in 3D.

Fourth day: Today we had our first thinking-developer logic class with Mrs. Piroska. It was in a good athmosphere and we did a lot of interesting mathematical-logical tasks. Then we had snack and after that Daniel Kmett our small montor and Marcell Szalai voluntary worker continued the class. From them we got interesting and funny tasks for example we tried some where we had to use mathes to solve them. When we had no clue there was always someone who had a good idea. After lunch we travelled to Tihany where we wathed a movie about the Tihany Abbey then we had the chance to walk around the abbey itself and in the basement we found a photo exhibition. Then we tasted the “levendula” icecream and had a wonderful sight at Balaton. Extraordinarily beautiful place Tihany is. It is all about the “levendula”. It is used for decorating gardens fences and they also make food from it.After dinner the fitter ones had some strength left for some football others played table football, chess or boardgames in the rooms.

Fifth day: The morning started just like the one before we solved tasks with Mrs. Piroska. After dinner we went to Tapolca, where we began with going to the Tapolca militaryfestival. Fanni has special intererest towards the topic since she may need it in the future for her studies. The exhibition contained vehicles uniforms even battlescenes which we didn’t have the chance to watch since we were also going to see the caves. We couldn’t wait to ride the boat in the caves. Before that we saw an exhibition which showed us the wonderful world of karstphenomenons. There were ten rooms of extraordinary sights of the caves. We saw stereoscopic photos and movies od the underground phenomena. After seeing those we went downstairs to finally take part in boating.  The cave was so short we barely fit through it. After dinner we once again had to choose between football, table football or walking around the city, but there were also some people who chose the boardgames. This was the last day of the camp. We are greatful for spending another week together.

I took part in Veszprem camp as a small mentor. I barely knew some of the students here from previous Csanyi Foundation events, but now I had the chance to get to know them much better. They are a few years younger than me. I made new friends and I feel like I was able to improve their logic skills during the classes. The afternoons were also very exciting we discovered Veszprem and it’s neighbourhood. I hope that I will have the chance to take part in a similar event like this later on.

My main reason to come to this camp was to collect community hours but during the week I was given a huge ammount of experience. I met new people who came from the different parts of Hungary. I hope that I will hold the relationship with them in the future. Thanks to the camp I had the chance to go to place where I may never have gone. During the last week we improved our logic skills and one day got to know more about the MCC programme. Overall I can thank a lot to this camp because the experiences i gained here i can use in life also. Marcell Szalai voluteer