Water Challenges – World Water Day

Water Challenges – World Water Day

On Friday, March 13, life stopped for a moment … schools, universities closed and we had to make friends with the idea of online education. However, by Monday, most of us had been waiting for the opening and use of the educational interfaces, and more or less the education started. By the end of the week, the small children of Jászság Group 4 have been shaken up by the new situation and to get them out of the flood of information suddenly falling upon them (and to reduce the amount of time they spend on infocommunication devices) our year-round lifelong water project.

On March 22, World Water Day launched the following water challenges:

1. For 5 days, if possible, drink 2 liters of water (liquid) daily or even more. Task: to record the exact quantity and experience daily.

2.Flower / vegetable seed germination. Put flower or vegetable seeds in a cotton swab and water. Make a note of your experiences. Of course, this can be a longer process if you plant the germinated seeds in the garden or in exchange. If you are good, you can eat summer fruits for example pepper.

3. Help me wash or cool at home (if you do both, Mom will be very happy :)). For 5 days, record how many times you helped and in what way.

The experiences were reported on March 28 by children in a Zoom online group chat and emailed. We were very pleased to have four parents from the group who took part in the challenge with us, as well as our volunteer teacher Terézia Csörgő and Judit Béres Némediné English teacher.

According to the data received, on average children consumed 1.8-2.2 liters of liquid (water, tea, milk, soup, etc.) and adults consumed 2-2.5 liters. We talked about the importance of getting the right amount of fluid and trying to keep an eye out for water in the next few days. Unfortunately, there were days when the parent or child did not drink 1.2 liters of fluid (!). The housework was done honestly by the girls (and boys, too), making it easier for the parents. Two children participated in the germination. The experiences are reported below:

“Every year, World Water Day is celebrated worldwide on March 22nd. The purpose of this commemoration is to raise awareness of the importance of clean water, the threat to fresh water supplies, because there is less and less of it! we do not waste it, prefer reusability Ensuring the recycling of wastewater is important worldwide, we protect our natural waters 70% of the water is water, of which only 2.5% is freshwater, the rest is saltwater 75 water is reduced to 60% in adulthood and reduced to 50% in old age. Fluid plays an important role in the healthy and balanced functioning of the body. Our body loses water through urination, sweating, digestion, crying, etc. In this case, it is rich in minerals, the body loses vitamins, and when properly injected it is balanced Few fluid intake causes dehydration, which in severe cases can mean nursing an individual in hospital. Symptoms of dehydration: easily tired, dizzy, increased stomach acidity, nausea, deconcentration, decreased ability to work, breathing in acetone, irritability, poor sleep. For children the recommended amount of water intake is: – boy 9-13 years old 2.1 l / day, – girl 9-13 years old 1.9 l / day; – adolescent boy 14-18 years old 2.5 l / day, adolescent girl 14-18 years old 2 l / day. Providing the right amount of water helps prevent excess pounds from being deposited in the body when the body is developing and its brain functions effectively, optimally hydrated. With mild dehydration, short-term memory, attention, mathematical abilities, alertness, concentration, and fatigue develop. I have experienced the beneficial effects of drinking water on my own skin during the 5-day course, so I can only recommend it to everyone, Pay attention to our environment, but also to ourselves, because it is important what we bring into our body.

“We didn’t just drink water. We included milk, flavored water, tea, soup. We consumed more than 2 liters of liquid, which was like 2 and a half liters. Our experience: we had to go to the toilet more and the color the amount of fluid also depended on what we ate.

“I drank 2 liters of water every day except Thursday. That day I had an exams and so I was hungry all day, the end result, and by the evening I was really bad. Water is very important to our body! At least I have headaches, nausea, weakness symptoms. they applied at the same time.