In the last reading comprehension session, the members of the Kaposvár Group 4th were given the task, after reading János Lackfi’s article entitled Public Affairs, to formulate in a few sentences what the COMMUNITY means to them? I think the writings below also testify that our group has become a real community over the last two years and we can’t wait to finally meet each other in person.


“For me, community means not just a group where people are there, but friends and helping each other. In a community, people have fun with each other. It can be a class community, a work community, a group. If a community is good, then everything can be discussed and resolved. I think there are communities in Csányi. ” Boglárka Borsfai

“What does COMMUNITY mean to me? For me, the community is a cohesive, confidential, helpful group. I think the community is best where everyone can be themselves and doesn’t have to be tense. It can be any kind of community, e.g. class-. work, whatever it may be. If the community is good, then there are no obstacles, everything can be solved and discussed. The best example is the whole Csányi Foundation. ” Ákos Látrányi

“For me, a community is a team of people. The people in it have many kinds of hobbies / jobs, so there are a lot of communities that can be created. On the other hand, a GOOD community is when people stick together, trust each other and understand each other. They can even share their things, secrets, experiences, so they will be shared. Even a class in a school is a community, although not everyone may feel comfortable in it. There is also a very good community in Csányi, where I don’t know how to feel good about it. ” Sarolta Kovács-Nagy

“For me, community means a group of people who trust each other, help their peers. People who give as much as they receive. In addition to these, they are also unique personalities. So for me, community is a cohesive group of people. ” Barnabás Radó

“For me, community is good if we never let each other down. When you should, there is a lot of cohesion, but still everyone can work alone what they need. It is good to belong to such a community. Such a group strengthens one’s self-confidence and does not humiliate, so it is good to share with them. I can forget all the things that hurt or fall bad because there is a good community I belong to! A community is a group that is connected by something (school, work, sports, etc …). ” Dániel Vincze

“For me, community is like a big family. I also have a mom and lots and lots of siblings at the Foundation. We can solve our problems together, if necessary, we can also ask for help. We can count on each other in anything. We rejoice in each other’s successes together. I am happy to be a member of such a good community. ” Nóra Burucz

“For me, my opinion of the community is that I think a community is good because we are many, we laugh good. The csányis group is my third family. The community is good because it builds a team to help each other, but it has unique personalities in it. ” László Kozma

“The community is a good company for me. I’m always happy to be with the others. We’re a bit like a big family. Time usually flies away so quickly, as it is full of excitement to relive the shared experiences. If, on the other hand, we don’t look back at the past, we try something new together. In this way we gain even more common memories. Sometimes things don’t go well, but somehow we always solve each other. ” Enikő Sármány

“I think the community is a collaborative and mostly compassionate group. The community is usually made up of friends. Social networking sites are also about collaboration. There are a lot of ideas because the imagination is big. ” Kristóf Biró

“I think of the community that it needs to be held together and decided together in the community because it is in its name as well. There are many types of communities: for example, a class is a community and our class teacher used to say that the class community should be more cohesive. They deal with something different in each community, but in every community, we need to work together, share our ideas and support each other. We need to work together, make decisions. I think community is a very cool thing and it helps people have the confidence to share their ideas with each other. ” Anna Ács-Kocsis

“For me, community means when a group sticks together, agrees, laughs good, decides things together.” Levente Orsós

“I think community is about being with people we trust. With whom we can talk about what happened to us, if good, if bad. There are several kinds of communities. ” Sára Ladányi

“For me, the community is a cohesive company with trusted people. There are many kinds of communities. I think a good community makes decisions together, cries together and laughs together. The community is a very good thing. Because there are many people in a community we can trust. ” Petra Varga

“A cohesive group of people whose members help each other make common decisions. Its members can trust each other, so they can share their feelings and thoughts. They like to spend time with each other. They can get love and understanding from each other. They belong to someone. ” Levente Sipos

“For me, community means everyone sticking together, everyone trusting everyone, we love to have fun with each other and give each other love.” Róbert Tallián

“For me, the community is a very cohesive group. Everyone helps everyone, whatever is wrong, we will discuss it together. Everyone says ideas and we discuss them together. If the community is very strong, they can achieve anything together. ” Eszter Kovács


From the children’s writings, developer Sára Gombosné Szabó also prepared a summary wording and a word cloud.
“COMMUNITY will be what it is primarily through COHESION and TRUST. It is also a key factor in COOPERATION, UNDERSTANDING, JOINT DECISION, SHARING burdens and joys and helping each other. A really good community is like a good FAMILY, part of LOVE / JOY, LAUGHTER and UNDERSTANDING / COMPASSION. And in a good community, FRIENDSHIP is always intertwined. A good community supports INDIVIDUALITY, INDEPENDENCE and FANTASY. We can be MORE CONFIDENT in the community. In addition, PROBLEM SOLVING is a natural thing. To do this, of course, TOGETHER, TEAM BUILDING, DISCUSSION AND SUPPORT are essential. Finally, the community lives through COMMON EXPERIENCES, MEMORIES (more). ” Sára Gombosné Szabó developer