Advent Family Day

Advent Family Day

We truly appreciate the generous donation

Jászberény – On 9th December, our traditional family day in the advent period was organised. We had everything that is good: tea house, a lot of delicious home-made cookies, decorating ginger bread and DIY session. While the younger ones were doing something creative, we, as university-goers got together and talked about our lives as adults. Such meetings are quite rare because we are living in different parts of the country and we have different schedules, too. It was very useful to be together, because we could profit a lot from it and we had the chance to think about our lives together. Our operational director, Miklós Radoszáv joined us and gave us useful advice. Moreover, we think we would like to meet again and continue this session of talking about our thoughts, because it was very useful and it was good to have the others around. In the big hall, the parents could talk to our psychologist. Later on, the Christmas show began, in which the younger ones could show their talents to our families and friends. Dances, poems, songs and music filled the Főnix Theatre’s room, which we really liked. We would like to thank the performers that we could see such a wonderful programme. It is always good to visit these family days because we can feel how much this community means to us. We would also like to thank the Csányi Foundation, our mentors and parents that we could take part in such a wonderful morning. Kinga Király, Jászság 1.

Kaposvár – held their Christmas waiting gathering as a part of a family day in the Community House. Viktória Tar was the one who started the afternoon with a beautiful poem and then our mentor, Barnabás said a few kind words. After he gave us the presents, the kids had an opportunity to write some thoughts about Christmas which they could place near the tree or they could put it on them twisted in a special Christmas candy’s wrapping. Later everybody sat together and ate from the homemade cookies that the parents prepared. After all this we would like to thank for the presents to the Foundation and for all the work from the mentors and the teachers through the year. Rita Néth, parent, Group 3

We got together on Saturday morning in the Community House of Kaposvár to celebrate the upcoming holidays together. Following the pleasant welcome we could enjoy the children’s individual performances relating to Christmas. Most of them recited a poem or read a tale, then they all sang a well-known Christmas song together. The performances were closed by an entertaining drawing activity. Then a short break followed, where everyone had the opportunity to taste the delicious home-made cakes brought by the parents. Our mentor, Lilla prepared with an entertaining Christmas quiz, where both the children and their parents – not to mention the university students – could equally participate. We were divided into four groups and could test ourselves in several playful activities. At the end of the programme we received the Christmas packages prepared by the Foundation and said our goodbyes by wishing happy hoidays to one another. Gyöngyi Bod parent, Kaposvár 1

„I was looking forward to our Advent Family Day as I made some gifts for my groupmates. This day was indeed special since all the members of Group 2 could celebrate together. I especially enjoyed the exciting and playful games we played, and the parents were also invited to participate. We made angels, played activity, music challenge quiz and lots of other games which proved to be particularly entertaining. The winner team went through the ’tunnel of love’ – made up of the rest of the participants – with their eyes closed and arrived with a collection of the best wishes at the end. At last we sang some Christmas carols with the help of my groupmate, Áron, and his mother. One of the university students, Bálint Szalai made an excellent stuffed cabbage, welcomed by everyone. Many thanks for the donations to the Csányi Foundation and its sponsors, we were very happy to receive them at the end of the celebration. I also got the computer I won by submitting a successful tender to the Foundation. It made my day. Merry Christmas to the Founder and his family and to all the employees, volunteers, teachers and my fellow members at the Foundation.” Nándor Dausek Group 2

„Saturday afternoon was intimate and joyful at the same time. I would like to say thank you for all the donations, we received in the previous months. I am also happy that my son submitted a successful tender and hence won a computer, for which I am particularly grateful to the Foundation.”

“At Christmas time we make lots of presents with the excitement whether the receivers will like them and accept them as fondly as they were made. For me this is the real happiness…and what I felt during our friendly and joyful family day spent with talking, drinking tea and having fun. Thank you to the Foundation for everything.” Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the members of the Csányi Foundation. Mónika Dausekné Récsei, Rita Gregor parents


Pécs : Christmas family day at the foundation in Pécs At the second weekend of Advent (2017. december 8-9.) the traditional Christmas family day were held for all the Pécs groups in the community house. The house is full with children laughter and fun.

Polgár Antónia and Petra performed on the chello and the flute, playing Christmas songs giving an overall festive atmosphere. Everyone was eating homemade cakes, making marzipan decorations and sampling the dough. The high point of the event was when the yearbooks were given out. We thank the foundation the Christmas gift packages, the wonderful morning and all the fantastic programmes we have attended this year. Merry Christmas! Pécs 1. group

From the youngest to the eldest, everyone was preparing for Christmas together. There was a chance to try out creating confectionaries, decorations and to play games. The young ones played games, the university students could meet up again. Everyone had a great time and were hapy to receive the yearbook and the Christmas gift packages thanks to Mr. Csányi. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas! Pécs 2. group

 The end of year celebration, the Christmas family day was held at the weekend. There were surprises, poems performed and an overall very intimate festive atmosphere all day. Those interested could create decorations, the others could make cakes or just relax and enjoy each other’s company. The yearbooks, the Christmas packages and the football posters were handed out for the delight of everyone. We thank the foundation very much for all these wonderful gifts. Merry Christmas to you all. Pécs 3. group

SzegedOn Saturday, we got together with the parents and children in the Csányi house, where this year the traditional advent ceremony was organized. The mood again, as it was so often intimate and heart-warming, thanks to the already assembled child and parent community. We’ve been looking at pictures of the last 8 years of the children who have lured our hearts all over. At the ceremony, we were impressed with the recordings, as the Christmas packages were getting closer and closer, and I would like to thank you in the name of parents and children. The most exciting point was to watch the new yearbook, which summed up the activities of the foundation children this year,  and it was good to see how productive and hard work they were. Finally, I do not want to go with the generosity of the Foundation, as the Community House has received a new service car, which can accommodate up to 7 so making it easier to travel.  Thank You!” Terézia Kerekes parent,  Group 1

The Group 2 of Szeged held their Advent celebration on the 10th Decc, beginning at 11 o’clock. Following the arrive of the children and their families the mentor gave a year-evaluating speech after which we could see a compilation of the children’s photos of the year. Then we talked about higher education and he kids’ plans, highlighting the criteria of admission. After these, all the families were given the Christmas Pack, which we would like to thank again for the Foundation. We ended the program with an informal discuss. Benczúrné Nagy Tünde, Group 2


The group 1 and 2 of Mohács held their Advent Family Day on the 9th December. The Community House was a perfect scene: beautifully decorated Christmas tree and very cozy decorating designs created a warm place. The children started the DIY activities in the morning and they made amazing fridge magnets. Everybody could make his/her own advent wreaths with the parents and grandparents. Later we could watch a video of the programmes and events of the year.

We were very happy to see that our children had so many opportunities to take part  in so many great events and camps during the year. We would like to say thank the Foundation because we had a great time together and were happy to receive the gift packages and the new yearbook which summed up the activities of the year. We spent a wonderful afternoon together.

ADVENT FAMILY DAY in the 3rd group of Mohács.  Preparing for Christmas is not easy in our rushing world.Everybody is in a hurry to be through with his/her duties. But we, the parents of the Csányi Foundation, are so lucky, because we could have a chance to stop for some hours to get ready for this beautiful holiday. We got together in the beautifully decorted Community House. We had delicious sandwiches, cookies and opportunities to talk with each other, to listen to Christmas music and to take a look at the nice photos of this year. We were smiling and had a great time together in that afternoon. We received wonderful Christmas packages and we made small decorations. We would like to thank the Foundation the Christmas gift packages and everything we have attended this year.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

Group 3 of Szeged had its Advent Family Day on the 16th of December. Many of us, parents and siblings came together for this celebration to share some hours with our friends and other families. we hardly could sit down in the main room as the house was getting smaller or it might be that our kids have grown up. There were many programmes to look back on in 2017. The photos on the screen brought back the old memories and made us laugh a lot. Of course, not just the ppt but the Year Book was very interesting to see what happened almost one and a half years ago. After getting the presents we had timne to chat over the many different home made cookies. On behalf of the other parents of group 3, I’d like to thank the work of the colleagues of the Csányi Foundation for they year around work. Merry Christmas!