Csíksomlyó – Foreign language and creative camp

Csíksomlyó – Foreign language and creative camp

Today, on 25th July 2022, the long-awaited Foreign Language and Creative Camp started in Csíksomlyó, Harghita County. On the first day of our camp, after the arrival of the Transylvanian participants, our camp leader András Gál opened the camp, and then the volunteers and the mentors held a drama game, which helped us all to get to know each other. In the afternoon, after a delicious lunch, we took a language test, which was used to determine the groups, and then our American volunteer Amber Woolam gave us a presentation. Finally, the English and German language classes started and continued until dinner. Our last activity for the day was a short hike to the Altar of the Three Hills Altar on the saddle of Csíksomlyó, from where we had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the way home. We look forward to more language lessons, activities, and shared experiences.

On the second day of our camp we travelled to Korond, from where we set off in horse-drawn carriages accompanied by our guide to Fenyőkút. In the small mountain village, we were shown the many uses of local herbs and fruits in the Tofigem manufactory; as well as learning about the remedies for various illnesses, we were also given a tasting of some of the most delicious syrups and jams. Our next stop was the peat bog at Fenyőkút, where we hiked the tajga nature trail. Our trip to Korond ended at Erzsébet Tófalvi, who gave us a glimpse into the world of an almost completely forgotten craft, the art of processing hoof fungus.

On Wednesday morning, the main focus was on playful language learning. Both the English and German groups improved their skills by solving exciting tasks. In addition to vocabulary building, grammar was also on the table. In the afternoon, the children also listened to a drug prevention lecture and finally, they had a bowling match.

The Thursday morning language lessons were also colourful: some groups combined language learning with artwork, while others brought English and German closer to the students through music. After the lessons, we recharged our batteries in nature. Guided by Ferenc Ilyés and Attila Szikszai from the Harmont Mountain Rescue Association and the Harghita County Mountain Rescue Service, we hiked the Vargyas Gorge and visited the Almási Cave, the largest cave in the gorge.

Friday was a bittersweet day as we reached our last full day together. We ended the language lessons with exciting conversations and we all learned a lot from each other. Most importantly, we realised that it is not about speaking perfect English and German, but about daring to speak and thus write stories together. The highlight of the evening was the ” Talent Show “: moving and hilarious, lyrical, prose, music and dance performances followed one after the other, challenging the judges. The most talented ones were rewarded with a huge gift – besides the mountains of chocolate – the chance to participate in the Arts and Crafts Camp in Sarlóspuszta from the seventh of August. Barbara Borcsa Szabina, Panna Gergely, Renáta Goguj, Szabolcs Hinyi, Barbara Király, Noémi Majlák, Szabrina Mocsel, András Pivo, Paloma Simo and László Tóth congratulations and best wishes for a successful and creative project week! We closed the camp with a bonfire, but a bit unconventionally, due to the bad weather we sat around a digital bonfire, but our songs were still heartfelt and gave us all a life-changing experience.

On Saturday morning we had a short wellness in Tusnadfürdő, and after lunch it was time to say goodbye. We are already looking forward to meeting again in Csíksomlyó in a year’s time. Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to the Csányi Foundation’s operational director, Dr. Miklós Radoszáv, the CEO of the Harghita County Social Welfare and Child Protection Directorate, Zoltán Elekes, the CEO of the Covasna County Social Welfare and Child Protection Directorate, Mária Vass, our camp leader András Gál and all the staff and volunteers for making this wonderful week possible. Let’s meet again next year at the Csíksomlyó Foreign Language and Creative Camp!

Mária Eszter Bogdán, Nagybajom Group 1


“A camp is measured by its good community and varied programme. Fortunately, Csányi Camp can always be trusted in this respect. I was able to attend their English-German camp in Transylvania for the severalth time and this year they did not disappoint. There were plenty of varied, well-exhausting, activities, which were only enhanced by the close-knit group. Hikes, bowling, horse-drawn carriage rides, traditional farmhouse meals, fun gymnastics lessons in the morning, all the activities that make a lasting imprint in your memory. Furthermore, the spontaneous listening to music, the karaoke night, Just dance, suggests that Csányi’s camps are not just a podium for monotonous, packed programmes, but a community where you can create in your own style, where everyone is happy to go among their peers, whether it’s language lessons in the morning or any kind of seemingly ordinary conversations during the breaks or even during the programmes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to be there and to spend some time together, both we Szeklers from Transylvania and the Hungarians from the mainland.”

Emese Demeter, Szeklerland

“First of all I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this camp. The first day started well for me, I soon found a common voice with everyone. I was very happy that this time I was not in the beginners’ group, but in a stronger group. The classes were great, it was good because everyone could speak, anyone could say anything, we loved our teacher Laci very much. The programmes were very good, I especially liked the Almás cave, the football together and of course the wellness. The “Talent Show ” was very good, everyone had a nice performance. The food was very tasty and varied. I liked everything and hope to see you again next year.”

Simo Paloma, Szeklerland

“For me, this camp was not only a recreational experience, but it taught me to dare to speak English, even if it is incorrect. I had fun in English classes and discovered the beauty of the language. The excursions were heart-warmingly good, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was always good. What I liked the most was the tour to the Almás Cave. The company was also very good and the mentors were very nice to us. Thank you for letting me be part of the camp.”

Renáta Goguj, Csíksomlyó


“I came from Székelykeresztúr, this was the 5th language camp I was able to participate in. From the beginning I liked the camp very much, everything went on as usual, getting to know each other, programmes, learning etc. I was able to enrich my language knowledge, sometimes we laughed and sometimes we learned a bit more seriously, but the main goal was to learn. I had a great time every moment of the camp and I met a very important person for me. Thank you for having me here this year, same time next year!”

Károly Czári, Szeklerland

“I was looking forward to the camp, always happy to meet new and old friends. I quickly found a common voice with everyone, and my roommates were great. On the first day, we were divided into 3 English and 1 German group according to our knowledge, where we could learn more and more easy English learning methods in the morning in that group. Our group leader always helped us if we had questions and explained grammar rules in a playful way. In the afternoon there were different activities such as a visit to the Almás cave, the bowling alley, the wellness spa, the tour of the peat bogs on Fenyőkút.
The meals were varied, there was always food in the fridge in case we got hungry.
All in all, I had a great time, I always come to this camp in a happy mood. From here I would like to thank you for letting me be part of the camp and I hope to see you again next year.”

Enikő Demeter, Szeklerland


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