Guidance Festival

Guidance Festival

We grew up together, we have grown up together – this was the thought that accompanied us throughout the 16th annual Guidance Day of the Csányi Foundation, which together with us grew into a 4-day Guidance Festival. The multi-site programme was a fitting way to represent the past 18 years: while in the Guidance Cinema we could look back to the beginning, in the Guidance Lab we could look into the future through research supported by Dr. Katalin Karikó. In addition to learning about nature, the arts were represented in all areas: visual artists exhibited at the  Guidance Gallery, poetry and writing lovers were seated at the Guidance Podium, while the whole Festival was closed with a rousing concert by the Csányi Band and the Chamber Orchestra on the main stage.


Thursday 27 April 2023:

The first day was all about arriving, reminiscing, renewing friendships and making new ones. As tradition has it, the camp was opened by Dr. Miklós Radoszáv, Director of Operations. With his kind words, he encouraged the children to have fun and show their talents with courage. The first day is always a day of preparation: building and arranging exhibitions and application materials, setting up the research lab and rehearsals, while bumping into new and old acquaintances along the way.



Friday 28 April 2023:

On the second day, Friday, the Colour Your World! and the I Am Who I Am competitions were presented to the jury by young and old alike. Thank you to the jury members for their valuable work. We would like to thank the members of the jury, Dr. Lajos Aáry-Tamás and András Török, who represented the S10 Academy, Vanda Virovecz, Elemér Fehér, Andrea Kalla, Katalin Melinda Szász and Nadine Kuckó, and Ildikó Nagy, Roland Szabó, Andrea Kaszás, Péter Mikics and Bianka Járay, who participated in the jury of the I am who I am competition.


Colour your world! placements:

1st place – Youth (Kaposvár 1, Kaposvár 2 csoportok) és Móczó Martin (Szeged 2-es csoport)

2nd place – Firebirds (Szentes 1, Szentes 2 csoportok) and We, even past 50… (Nagybajom 2-es csoport)

3rd place – The tiniest bunny (Nagybajom 3) és Viktória Füle (Jászberény 2-es csoport), Maja Sik (Mohács 2-es csoport) and Tihamér Szereceán (Pécs 3-as csoport)


Special awards:

Török Fanni Mira (Szeged 3-as csoport)

Pörgettyű (Szentes 2-es csoport)

The group travelling from Transylvania earned the Tulipán special award. 

I am what I am placements:


Németh Henrietta (Jászberény 1-es csoport)

Szűcs Lili (Jászberény 1-es csoport)

Nagy Erika (Jászberény 1-es csoport)

Székely Borbála Fruzsina (Jászberény 2-es csoport)

Hégete Alexandra (Jászberény 2-es csoport)


Burkus Lili Boglárka (Jászberény 4-es csoport)

Pege Angelika (Jászberény 4-es csoport)

Sas Maja Anna (Jászberény 4-es csoport)

Kovács Hanna (Jászberény 4-es csoport)

Amateur nature photography:

Sas Maja Anna (Jászberény 4-es csoport)

Advanced artistic photography:

Petrovszki Ramóna (Szeged 2-es csoport)

Amateur Artistic photography:

Váradi Fanni (Kaposvár 1-es csoport)

Advanced artistic photography:

Vajda Milán (Nagybajom 2-es csoport)


Kiss Noémi (Jászberény 3-as csoport)


Pretz Jázmin (Kaposvár 2-es csoport)

On the second day, we also held the finals of our year-round football and chess tournaments, as well as the foosball and fifa tournaments. It was a particular pleasure to welcome the winning team of the Transylvanian CSAS Cup, who participated in the football championship, strengthening the division of the big boys, and played a final match with the Foundation team. Our aim is to further strengthen our cross-border relations, as one of the objectives of our Foundation is to preserve and strengthen the values of our country. Special thanks to Edward Papp, Curator, for attending the award ceremony and for cheering us on through the very exciting matches. The results of the tournaments are available here.


Saturday, 29 April 2023:

Welcome speech by Dr. Sándor Csányi

On Saturday, the Gala of the Life Path Festival took place, where the members of the Foundation presented themselves with music and dance performances, but also our newest groups were introduced and the students who completed the Life Path Programme took to the stage to receive their certificates and gifts for completing the Programme.




















After last year, the Csányi Foundation Ambassador Awards, established by the Csányi Foundation Children’s Parliament to recognise exceptional supporters who have helped to uplift the name of the Foundation, were presented again. This year, Gellért Karácsonyi, Emma Sárközi, Ivett Majoros, Gyula Pege, Patrik Gálosi, the Csányi Foundation Orchestra and the Csányi Band, as well as participants of the AMÖR project in Jászság were awarded the title.

The winners were joined on stage by the most successful students of this school year.


The Stage of Talents was opened by our founder, Dr. Sándor Csányi, who welcomed guests, children and colleagues, and who, in addition to evaluating the past 18 years, also expressed many motivating thoughts for the youth.

This year, the Attila Ágoston Award was presented to Ildikó Nagy, mentor from Jászberény, Ádám Balogh, volunteer for the outstanding quality of the Guidance Programme, Kinga Kiss (Jászberény group 2) and Eszter Bogdán Mária (Nagybajom group 1) for the exemplary implementation of the Guidance Programme. Among the Sponsors, this year’s award went to Tamás Morvai, CEO of Primaenergia Zrt., Szilvia Szeles, Zoltán Szrenko and László Csontos of OTP Bank.

It was a special honour to be joined online from Philadelphia by Dr. Katalin Karikó, who was able to follow live the presentation of a gift to the Community House groups from Szeged, Nagybajomi and Jászberény: a publication summarizing their research materials and results, which was accepted by Dr. Katalin Karikó’s sister. We hope to meet our sponsor in person next year! Our guests’ gift package included our publication summarising our nature study projects, as well as an English abstract, which will be published in digital format on our website.


Greetings from Katalin Karikó


After the Gala, of course, there was no time to relax and all the children, mentors and supporters enjoyed a festive cavalcade in the spirit of May Day, with a colourful programme of activities from cotton candy to mini golf to brighten up the day. And the intellectual recharging didn’t stop in the afternoon: curious members of the Foundation, supporters and invited guests were able to tour the sites, where young people were treated to demonstrations, guided tours and publications.

Everyone at the Festival of Life was there to showcase what our Foundation is all about: caring, building and nurturing relationships, spiritual development and leadership. They also showed that we have started on the right track and are on the right path; we showed that our cause is worth every drop of sweat and that the grades on the ‘report card’ of the Guidance Programme clearly prove that the basic concept we developed at the start has worked and that the work we have invested has paid off.


Thank you to all our dear Supporters, Trustees, Mentors, Developers, Volunteers, for proving day by day that dreams do come true!

Special thanks to our Founder, Dr. Sándor Csányi and Erika Csányi, Chair of the Board of Trustees, for their daily efforts to help the young supported people to develop their talents and succeed in their careers, from the very idea of the foundation to the 18 years of our existence.