We had an eventful Saturday!

We had an eventful Saturday!

On March 9, Saturday, five members of Group 4 in Kaposvár were successful.

Nóra Burucz, as a member of Mágusok Association of Kaposvár, won a big victory in the children’s cup. “We first played with the Tamási boy team. It was a very difficult match because the boys were physically much stronger than us, but after many struggles we got out of the battle. Second, we fought with the team of the Kaposvár Gyakorló School. They are a girl team who were probably the best in Kaposvár for years. So far, we’ve only managed to beat them once, with one point, so we were looking forward to this match. Luckily I was able to play with them! To our surprise, we drew more points in the first quarter. We believed that we might be victorious now. Teamwork has succeeded, with 20 points difference! I would like to thank my mentor, Méri, for taking part in this tournament. So I had a role in closing the day with two winning matches! ”


The 30th Zrínyi Mathematics Competition was awarded to the 94 most successful students in the Somogy County award ceremony. We are very proud because Barnabás Tamás Radó won 5th place in the 5th grade.

Petra Varga and Dániel Vincze in the XXVIII. Evangelical Faith Competition at Zalaegerszeg had a nice result: Petra with her team won the fourth, Dani won first place so he went on to the national competition!

The Heritage Children’s Folk Art Association and the Bartina Folk Dance Public Benefit Association announced a solo and even-dancing children’s dance competition with 67 pairs on Saturday in Szekszárd. Enikő Sármány also presented her knowledge with her partner and was unable to reach a podium, but according to her instructors, she danced beautifully and deeply.

We are very proud of you, we wish you more success!


Marianna Halász, mentor, Kaposvár Group 4th