Language and local history camp in Tokaj

Language and local history camp in Tokaj

Day 6 – Time flies, and even though this is my second camp in Hungary, I feel I have just arrived. Even though it was our last day, and I am sad about the fact that I have to leave tomorrow, it was a blessing to see how happy children were today in the activities. Today, we held a testing for the children to see how their English skills have developed and also to make sure that they will be placed in the rights groups in their future English classes. After the testing, we went to a Zoo in Nyiregyhaza, where I was able to visit my favorite wild animals: tigers, raccoons and horses. In the evening we gave out the awards for the talent show that was held yesterday, where the children got some gifts as well. It was a blessing to have the organizers thank me and award me as the winner of the show. Kseina Kazima, AIESEC volunteer from Russia

I helped proctor an English speaking examination with four other people, for a group of 6th grade students. The experience was pleasant, with good co-volunteers who took to the task enthusiastically and fine resources for the exam.  The students themselves were, on average, very good,  and many of them surprised me with their abilities. * 🙂 I would like to say thank you for the opportunity and for being able to help the children. Congratulations to all of them!- Matthew McKinney



Day 5 – Today, we had a productive and creative day. In the morning, we held English lessons for the children in the Foundation. We were trying to develop on the knowledge that we taught them on Tuesday. It was amazing to see their engagement in the activities that we presented to them. After lunch, the group took the bus to Sarospatak, where we visited the Sarospatak Castle. The museum was interesting because it presented minor details about the castle. For instance how it was destroyed, and then rebuilt during war periods. After visiting the castle, we had a chance to look at how ancient cannons were built in another museum. After that, we ate ice cream with the children and we headed back to the hotel for dinner. After dinner, there was a talent show, which was presented by the children. It was amazing to see the numerous outstanding performances. Szalai Barnabás, volunteer

This was our fifth day, and time flies when I am working with children because I love being with them. In the morning, we held some English lessons for the children. Today, our main focus was on the topic of daily routine. We asked the children to describe their usual daily schedules in both past and present tense. Furthermore, we also reviewed the modes of transportations with them. After lunch, we visited a castle, where interestingly the children paid close attention to the guide. It was lovely to see their engagement in these touristic activities. After dinner, the Foundation held its very own talent show. It was amazing to see their talents. Some of them prepared dance auditions, while others decided to sing for us. After the children’s auditions, I had the privilege to sing for them a traditional Russian song. Even though they did not understand what I was talking about, it was lovely to see their engagement and interest in my song. We celebrated the acts with some sweet cookies and drinks. Kseina Kazima, AIESEC volunteer from Russia

Day 4 – This morning we also conducted the English lesson. Children dealt with the topics: city and countryside, its infrastructure as it is possible to reach various places. We memorised new words, played guessing games. We also played role plays. After lunch we had a trip with a cruiser. The nature was beautiful. The ice cream was tasty. Following that we had a bus ride and visited the local museum in Szabolcs. This was a family house which was furnished very delicately.  The day did not finish here as we also went to a fortress. Arriving at the hotel we had dinner the evening activities started: ome were dancing, some played badmintom, others did DIY. How wonderful this da was. I am thankful for getting closer to the kids. Ksenia Kazima, AIESEC volunteer from Russia

Day 3 – On the 9th of July, in the morning, we held an extended English class for the children in the Foundation. Since they are going to be seventh graders, we wanted to make sure that we introduce games to them and teach them in a way that is entertaining. After lunch, we walked to the Tokaj Museum with the children. The museum was mainly about the history of the city, and especially the history of a castle. Our guide showed us the ancient castle ruins as well as a few real cannon balls. After visiting the museum, our guide walked us to the ancient castle, which we figured out was destroyed by the Hungarians, when they had to give it up. The ruins of the castle are on an island, which is separated from Tokaj by the Bodrog river. The children of the Foundation had the chance to go in the castle ruins and experience the feeling of being archaeologists for those few hours that we spent there. At the end of the trip, we ate some hand-made ice cream at a local confectionery. Szalai Barnabás, volunteer

There passed the first day in my second camp. I had mixed emotions. In the morning we left Budapest, the road was very comfortable. On the way to the camp we met a great number of storks, it was fantastic. In the camp we met children, I managed to get acquainted with them a little. Children are very pleasant. After a lunch we went to a very interesting park. We climbed the cableway to look at a wonderful view of the nature. It was wonderful. On the one hand, we were surrounded by mountains and the woods. About other view of the city. This combination was especially memorable. Also we could sweep on unusual hills. Everyone had the cabin and could operate it. At many fine photos turned out. Children were very glad to have some ice cream, they with pleasure chose various tastes. In the evening I decided to talk to children about their interests, everyone told me about the hobby. All children have very different hobbies. Girls love the creative direction more: dancing, singing, reading, drawing. Boys love the sports direction more: soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming. At the end of the day we already got acquainted and knew a little information about each other. Kseina Kazima, AIESEC volunteer from Russia

Day 1 – The two groups from Jászberény and Nagybajom arrived to Tokaj late afternoon. After discovering our accomodation in a beautiful hotel, we talked about the program and the rules of the camp. Before having dinner, our operative director, Mr Radoszáv visited us here, at our camp. We also got to know downtown Tokaj and the River Bodrog, having tasty ice-creams at the same time. We were accompanied by a flock of mosquitoes during our way back to our hotel.  All in all, we are looking forward to the following week.