Farewell Zsögödfürdő

Farewell Zsögödfürdő

We have come to Friday, to the end of the camp.

All I could see was crying, which was very touching. Teardrops of hapiness and love. I just looked trough the timetable of the camp and the memories were coming.

I learnt a lot of things during this week. People cannot buy happiness. I was very happy about teaching the children and it gave me so much! It was very good to teach them new words, new things about different tenses. We learnt a lot together and they really profited from these days. They learnt very hard and we were very happy to see how motivated they were. The children enhanced their language knowledge and we were all pleased with them.

They wrote several tests in connection with their vocabulary and they did their best. We were very proud of them because it was not so easy to learn English so quick. I was really happy to teach because I’m studying teaching at the university and now I absolutely know that I want to be a teacher. It is so good to see the enhancement and the things they give me during studying and free time activities.

At the end of the camp all of us were just thinking of the days spent together. And our eyes were watering. It was so touching – that was full of emotions. That’s the thing in this work. I am so pleased to give back something to the kids and the Foundation. Throughout the years I gained so much and now my timne had arrived – I have to share what I know. I would like to say thank you to the Foundation, to Judit Hollósi-Simon and to my mentor, Judit Sziráki who supported me and gave the opportunity to travel to Zsögödfürdő as a junior mentor. Kinga Király, Jász 1