Experiments at Researchers’ Night

Experiments at Researchers’ Night

Group 1 of Szeged visited Faculty of Physical Chemistry and Material Science of University of Szeged on Researchers’ Night.

On ten different stations the children could experiment with hydrogen and oxygen, ’write with electricity’, ’toothpaste of the elephants’, ’how carbide lamp works’, ’black snake’, ’cryptography’, ’colour transition spices’, ’the death of bell spider’, ’make hedgehog’ and so on. The children were enthusiastic and open to do the experiments.

Sz. André Piroska, mentor

I really enjoyed this programme! It is much more interesting to do experiments in real life then read about them in books. I like the black snake the best. This experiment is to pour little alcohol on a sand pad then we placed a shape made of baking soda and sugar. We lit the alcohol and the sugar started to caramelise then it turned black. The baking powder inflated the black sugar which resulted a sponge like ’black snake’.

Bánhidi Viktória Sz1