Kőszeg, as we see it

Kőszeg, as we see it

This year’s first summer camp for groups 3 of Pécs, Nagybajom and Szeged and for our visitors from Transylvania started in Kőszeg.

The first day of the camp was about travelling but the groups joining to the early traveller welcomed the others and were happy to meet each others. After taking our rooms we had our dinner. We discussed the house rules and everyone accepted them. The next day’s programmes were discussed and then it was time for football, chat and a little stroll in the park.

Second Day: We started the day very early to start ringing the bird at the Tömörd Bird Protection Area. Keszei Balázs, Bancsó Sándor and Illés Péter divided the group into two smaller groups and we started learning about bird ringing and about local wild life. Later the two groups switched and until early afternoon we continued plant collecting and bird identifying. After a short break in the hostel we continued with two short trips in and around Kőszeg. We closed the day with a good football match.

Day three: After breakfast we headed to Jurisics Miklós High School where the teachers of the school waited us to form two groups and then had two lessons; one was an interactive chemistry lesson with experiments while the other group walked to the nearby Chernel garden to meet local plants and birds. In the afternoon we further expanded our knowledge. We did DNA experiments with banana and kiwi and later on we checked the water quality of nearby water resources. After the dinner we played football, did sightseeing or visited the close alpannonia park.

Day four: All of us were waiting for this day very excitedly because today we were heading for an all day long excursion. With the leadership of the teachers of Jurisics Miklós Secondary School our first station was St. Vid chapel in Velem. In the Bronze Age this area was highly populated with an important town in the middle. Later, during the Roman area a sentinel was built here, which was doomed to protect the water supply of the nearby town, Savaria, now called Szombathely. Later the Pannonian Avars populated the area, their cemeteries are still under excavation. This area was always an important spot on the Hungarian military map. Jurisics Miklós also protected Kőszeg from the castle against the Turkish troops. In 1713 monk Hilerian built an hermitage and chapel. The building features baroque style and reached its final stage in 1859. The destination of our tour was Írott-kő, which is the highest point of mountain Kőszeg and Transdanubia. We closed the whole day long excursion with dinner, ice-cream eating and of course the European Championship.

Day five: This morning we started the day excitedly as we were taking our first oral language exams at the Foundation. Everyone was well prepared and thus everyone had a good result at the end of the day. We took another big trip at the end of the day to get relaxed a little bit. After dinner we had ice-cream and watched the football.

Day six: Today we had an all day long excursion. First, we visited the Széchenyi castle in Nagycenk. Following this, we headed to the down town of Sopron and climbed up the Fire Tower. We got even more excited when we knew that we could try the sledge rink near Sopron. We finished the day at the Fertőrákos limestone mine. Our last night in Kőszeg was filled with fun and joy. We recalled the best moments of the week and on the last day we cheered during the European Football Championship. We had a really good week filled with good memories.