History camp-Örvidék (2019.07.15-22)

History camp-Örvidék (2019.07.15-22)

First day (2019.07.15) – The seniors of Szeged has left for their last camp together, the destination of which is Western Hungary and Burgenland (Austria). The first day was mainly spent with traveling to Bükfürdő and checking in the hotel. After the dinner, everyone could have a rest so that we could get prepared for tomorrow’s trip. Anna Benczur, szeged 2 group






Second day (2019.07.16) – Today, following a full breakfast we left for Vienna, where we could experience the fascinating sight of Schönbrunn Castle Garden. Getting into the building we went on an audio tour during which we learned a lot about the history of the House of Habsburg as well as the imposing rococo style. On the journey back home we stopped to buy some Austrian souvenirs before passing the border. Arriving at the hotel we had our dinner after which we all had some free time: some spent it with doing some exercises while others took a nap. Berta Luca, szeged 2 group

Third day (2019.07.17) – On the third day of our Burgenland Camp we had a trip to Kismarton to visit the famous Esterházy Castle where we had a hungarian guide who told us about the history of the Esterházy family and their personal lives. This place was also visited by Habsburg family members very frequently in the past. After the trip, we headed back to Wien again, so we could see the spectacular landscape of the city from the top of the ferris-wheel in the Prater. As our next program, we had the opportunity to explore the Prater and have fun. At the end of the day we got some ice-cream to eat in this quite hot weather.

Zsolt Vugernicsek, Student of Hispanic Filology Dániel Kovács, Student of Business Informatics

Fourth day (2019.07.18)

On the fourth day of our trip we went back to Vienna to Madame Tussauds’s which is settled near to the Prater. We had the pleasure of meeting some celebrities, or at least their wax counterparts. Then we went back to the city centre from where we started our sightseeing tour beginning with the Rathaus. To finish our day we returned to the accommodation near of which are concerts serving as the perfect way to let some steam out.

Koza Attila, Nádudvari Nóra

szeged 2 group

Fifth day (2019.07.19)

We started a new day in Bükfürdő. After the usual, devine breakfast, a sweet adventure waited for us. We could get a glimpse of the Zotter family’s chocolate factory. However, we have not only pampered our eyes but also our taste buds. More than 300 kinds of chocolate waited for us, these contain fruity, flavored with nuts and lots more. After everybody can only think for salty things, one more zoo tour was still waiting for us. There were ostriches, alpaca, goats, and we could see other typical animals, too. After our long and tiring tour everybody fell quickly at the end ot the day.

Marcell Sebők, Perjési Dorina

Sixth day (2019.07.19)

Today we have visited the Széchényi estate at Nagycenk. After a brief beautiful view of the garden, we had the chances to take a look at the palace inside and got to know more about earl Széchényi István. The group had a guided tour in which we learned about Széchényi’s early stages of his life, work, and his great effort for the hungarian people, which made a long term inpact in Hungary’s economy, culture and social life. After the superb guided tour we have learned more about Széchényi István with an interactive exhibition, and could see his personal belongings at another floor. We finished the day off with a grillparty and relaxing at the local spa.

Bence Berta

szeged 2 group