The ninth graders prepared for the last ECDL exam of this school year on the weekend of 13 May, while the seniors shared their experiences and lessons from the week’s written exams over a delicious cake. They also talked about the tasks ahead in preparation for the written and aptitude tests. Although our young people are facing serious and big challenges, the underlying tone of the discussion was one of cheerfulness and confidence in good results.

The rest of Saturday saw enthusiastic helpers from all the groups in the Community Centre helping to clean up the yard and make our small garden. We owe a great debt of gratitude and thanks to the Kontron Hungary CSR community who raised and donated the tomato and pepper seedlings to our Foundation for planting.

Gallery of the planting of the seedlings is available here.

In fact, this has already set the stage for our planned project for the next school year, Green Roads, which we intend to prepare for the issues of renewable energy, recycling in the home, our sustainable development, which we would like to explore. It was also part of our visit to Szigetvár solar park during the week, on 9 May. We got to know this energy source that harnesses the power of the sun.


The topic is on the agenda every day, in schools and in public life. During the tour, we learned how many “tables” provide green energy, how long they last, what their ecological footprint is, and what percentage of energy the solar park, which covers a hectare of land, can produce. We also had to recall the DC and AC operation from our school studies, with the help of Tamás Kovács Tibor O&M Manager; László Ziegler O&M electrical engineer; Tibor Bálint electrician, substation operator. We also talked about the economics, the size of the investment and the payback period, and also about everyday costs such as keeping the site tidy. We thank Szilárd Binszki for making the visit possible.


As the school year draws to a close, there is energy left for fun. The members of Kaposvár Group 2 will continue their busy May programme with a theatrical treat on the evening of 15 May, with a performance of Selyem by the Bulgarian Plovdiv Drama Theatre.