Results of National Competitions

Results of National Competitions

Students of the groups of Mohács achieved magnificent successes on National Competitions

On the 23th of March we participated in the „World Water Day National Contest” which was organized via the internet. We went to the contest with our „enviroment study group” and Suhajda Márk was also a member of this team. The competition consisted of 3 parts, and who won it, could travel to Esztergom for the awards. We were very exicted because didn’t know that which place we did achieve. We entered timidly in the Duna Museum, where welcomed us. After the official opening the announcement of results have begun. Finally we got to know that, we achieved the first place. We were filled with  happiness. Afterwards, we took part in a sightseeing, whereby we visited the „Trinity Statue” in the Széchényi square and the Basilica. This was a great day, rich in experiences. We hopefully waiting to participate in this competition in next year as well.

Sik Maja, Mohács 2


Yesterday, on the 24th of March I attended the National poem and prose reciting competition in english. This event was organised in the Sztárai Mihály Elementary School. A lot of talented children participated too, so it was a difficult challenge for me. I was very happy when I heard my name, because I achieved the 3rd place. It was a good feeling to take over my award. I want to say thank you for my teachers.

Szép Hanna, Mohács 1