On 28th of February PEPPER project has been launched at the Community House in Pécs with the planting of our chili pepper seeds. The project teaches a certain knowledge about solicitude, experiencing growth in nature and creating products and a brand after the harvest of the chili peppers. This process is so complex that our students need to embrace several various competences and we hope this will lead to success not only in this project. In the first initiative year we will try to reach our set goals and if we succeed the project will continue later on. We expect motivation growth and science, maths, IT, reading, foreign language, marketing, economic, healthcare skills will be developed for students. Moreover, creative and practical skills will improve through the project.

Mentors from Pécs

„How we saw it…”

“I have always wanted to try seed planting, but we live in a flat and we can’t do it there.” Tibor Kovács, Pécs 1

“I hope we can grow a lot of tasty chili peppers and this project will be a success so we can make our products.”  Kíra Érdi, Pécs 2

“It is going to be a fascinating thing to work with the spiciest chilies of the world from the seeds to the ripe plants.” Lili Demerácz, Pécs 2

“In my opinion, PEPPER project at the Foundation raises responsibility in us, because we have to take care of our self-planted little seedlings. Furthermore, we can use this practical knowledge later in life and we can use the harvest to make individually flavoured product for ourselves. All this depends on how we raised our plants.” Balázs Wensofszky, Pécs 3