My name is Christina Macke and I am from Germany. In the German town Dortmund I am studying Applied Linguistics with the minors psychology and economy. In February and March we have a break between the semesters and I wanted to use this time for an internship in an other country.
I decided to go to Hungary for two reasons: On the one hand I was attracted by the job description of the Csányi Foundation for Children, on the other hand I was interested in the Hungarian culture.
I consider the main aim of the Foundation – to help children with a disadvantaged social background to fulfil their potentials – as important and useful. I would really like to be part of it and to support the children. I hope that they will profit from my knowledge of the English and German language and also in a cultural sense, I hope they get to know something about the German culture. I brought a book about my hometown, which I want to show the kids, so they will get an impression of where I come from. I am willing to answer every question and I hope that it will be a harmonic atmosphere.
Referring to my second point, I am happy to get the chance to live for six weeks in another country. I have never been to Hungary before and I am really interested in its landscape, people, customs and so on. During the work with the children I hopefully will learn something about their everyday life and attitudes. At the weekend I would like to travel to Budapest and Pécs to see some more of Hungary.
I am an open-minded and curious person and I will do my best to fulfil the Foundation’s expectation. Yesterday at my arrival I was picked up by car. In the car were two girls, who already told me a lot about themselves and answered every question I had. I got a short impression of Jászberény and saw the Csányi Foundation’s Centre and some classrooms inside. Then they showed me the dormitory and went to my room, because it was already late. Today I will be picked up again and they will get a kind of timetable and an explanation what to do.