My name is Pamela Souza, but you can all call me Pam, I rather it a lot more because it already give us right away a closer connection.  I am 22 years old, I am also from Brazil, that huge country that got so many beaches, and I live in an Island back there, the Magic Island, called Florianopolis, in the state of Santa Catarina. I am in my third year of Material Engineer and I really love the engineer, but so far I have been liking to much of deal with people management and business management, having a purpose on everything that I do, that’s something you don’t find in my career, we are a lot practical, and simple. I just turned a VP iGIP at the AIESEC, the organization that I have been working for almost a year, and that I fell in love with. I am the director responsible for the Talent Global Internship, which is all about experience, people from all over the world, and working with different cultures.


I really do love travelling, and meeting people all the time, I am a hard working person that is always looking for something to do and for some fun, sleep and being lazy at home, is always my last option. One of my hobbies, is to dance, I used to do it for a competition, but the career has taking me that away, I also love airplanes, and I like to pilot the remote control ones. My plans for the future, is already being planned up, I am such a planned person, but that does not mean things always go the way I want to. I have 3 years from here already planned up haha I plan to finish my career at the AIESEC, and my Engineer Course in France, trying to get my master’s degree there, from 2017 until 2019.


I am really looking forward to have this opportunity at the Csányi Foundation. I have to admit I have never worked with children before, but I also admit that I love to do what I have never done, because that gives you experience, and that´s one of my favorite word. I am looking forward to teach and give them all I can, so they can have contact with different culture and I am sure they got a lot to teach me as well during the 4 weeks. Like I said, I am a planed up person, and back in 2009 I went to live in USA for one year, to learn English and have a Exchange Opportunity that has changing my entire thinking way of live, and since there I have promised myself that if I did learn it, I would help someone to learn as well, so why not help more then one at the same time, and why not children? They are our future; they are just the base of everything. I already appreciate the opportunity, and I am sure I am the one who is being totally contemplated with it. =)