When I came here, I had no big expectation, because this was my first internship abroad and also my first time abroad as a volunteer so I just wanted to see what happens. After my first days it was clear to me that the language is totally different than my own mother tongue and I couldn’t learn it in this short period. So most of the time I needed someone who translated me everything. So I got to know the Hungarian language, but also of course the Csányi Foundation, the Hungarian culture and Hungary itself. I’m glad that I stayed in two places, so I could see more things. Nagybajom and Pécs are very different, but also the children, the mentors and the houses are different. I made the experience that’s great to work with children and to work with people from another country, but also that it can be difficult sometimes. I realized once again that’s really important to speak English. And now my internship is nearly over and I’ll travel back to Germany on Saturday (5th April).


I enjoyed all the activities I made during the last six weeks. I’m grateful I had the chance to take part in it. That’s why I just wanted to say thank you to all the people I met during these six weeks and especially a thank you to the foundation which made this possible.


Valerie Kraft, AIESEC volunteer from German