Community Houses


Foundation year 2005

Address: Csányi Alapítvány, Jászberény 5100, Dériné út 6.

Mentors: Nagy Ildikó, Oláh Tamás, Sziráki Judit, Hábenciusné Balla Andrea

This community house is located in the center of Jászberény. We are lucky enough to be able to occupy Jászkürt, which is Jászberény’s oldest historical inn. The groups within this community have varying ages, ranging from middle schoolers all the way up to university students. Members of the community are taught drama, maths, IT, natural studies and foreign languages. Like the rest of our homes, our students are continually increasing their knowledge through educational days, small-scale internships, and workshops organized by our partners (Microsoft, Bonafarm, the Polgár Chess Foundation, and Amnesia). In addition to their achievements in music, graphic arts, folk dance, chess, and mathematics, the editors and executives of the Pannon Radio Csalaphang program share their knowledge of radio broadcasting to deepen the younger generation’s interest.


Foundation year 2006

Address: Csányi Alapítvány, 7561 Nagybajom, Iskola köz 15.

Mentors: Némethné Bunovácz Szilvia, Urr András, Szabó Roland

This community house is located 25 kilometres away from Kaposvár. It is the first self-built estate by the foundation, and an ideal venue for implementing the Guidance Programme. The modern but very home-like establishment provides a great base for talented youths from this small region, for extracurricular development and recreational programs. This community house is also host to the foundation’s football and chess championships. The members of these groups range from primary school students to those in higher education.

There are many opportunities for hiking in the vicinity. Similar to other community houses, we regularly receive foreign volunteers from the AIESEC and COMPASS international organizations, who help us in language training and therefore ensure the possibility of intercultural learning. Although many of our children are coming from severely disadvantaged settlements in the region, they still have great results in regional and national sports competitions, dancing, computing, mathematics, history, and foreign language competitions. By supporting the NI Mentor Program, a group of our students are actively participating in Lego robot programming, designed to master algorithmic thinking and graphical programming language.


Foundation year 2007

Address: Csányi Alapítvány, 7400 Kaposvár, Fő utca 45.

Mentors: Fenyő Zsuzsanna, Szövényi Barnabás, Vancsuráné Sárközi Angéla

This community house, in the heart of the city, offers the best of conditions for children. This dynamically developing university town offers many opportunities for young people to expand their knowledge through cultural and recreational activities, organised by mentors. The members of these groups are primary school pupils, high school students, and those in higher education.

Thanks to the ideal conditions of the community house – the foundation’s Children’s Parliamentary Assembly is here similarly to other community houses – and as a result of their information technology education, our 16-year-old students have an international ECDL certificate. Using this skill as a base, our long-term goal is to shape our learners into smart-minded people, using the everyday knowledge they gain. As a result of the high quality, intensive language teaching in the foundation, we have achieved excellent results in regional and national language competitions in English, German and Spanish languages, as well as middle and advanced language exams.


Foundation year 2007

Address: Csányi Alapítvány, 7621 Pécs, Király utca 42.

Mentors: Bálint-Orsós Andrea, Borsy Luca, Gál András

This community house is located in the European Capital of Culture 2010, on the vibrant and colorful Király street. The central location offers the opportunity to organize various programs, and the Pécs theater, Széchényi square, the Zsolnay quarter and the Kodály Center are all within easy reach. The members of the groups are primary school pupils, high school students, and those in higher education.

Radio programs are open not only to the children involved with the radio station, but also those in Lego robot programming, with the support of the NI Mentor Program, which aims to master algorithmic thinking and graphical programming language. In addition, the community house hosts chamber orchestra trials of the Csányi Band and Foundation. Furthermore, our students are not only involved in graphics and graffiti production, but also in acting, music, chess, ballroom dancing, handball, and musical gymnastics. The line does not end there, as our students also excel in the humanities, and will always have a start at the Mathias Corvinus College. Just like other community houses, Pécs will continue to receive American Fulbright scholarships, who will present their research areas to our groups in interactive lectures in English.


Foundation year 2010

Address: Csányi Alapítvány, 6723 Szeged, Kis-Tisza utca 12.

Mentors: Novák Gyöngyi, Mikics Péter, Szabóné André Piroska

This community house is located near the university town center, providing excellent opportunities for creating a nature-friendly garden with garden ponds. Growing their own crops and bird-watching offer numerous opportunities for children to grow their knowledge and community-building beyond observation. The richness of the university city’s cultural programs is constantly integrated into our enrichment programs. The members of these groups are primary and secondary school students.

The strength of this house is a high standard of science and language development, though the talent of our children is versatile and they have a reputation in many areas. Some who strengthen the Csányi Band have outstanding results in foreign languages, and others have international success in sports. Members of our Photo Club are hosted by local and national exhibitions. In addition to water sports, we have effective national wrestlers and promising karate talent. In addition to development, we put great emphasis on community-forming events, where children, parents and mentors work together to improve the environment.


Foundation year 2014

Address: Csányi Alapítvány 7700 Mohács, Szent István út 23.

Mentors: Éles Annamária, Koszta Gergő, Kovácsné Bodor Erika

This community house is located in the southernmost Danube settlement of Hungary – Mohács – where the annual busó festival is visited by thousands and was included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009. In this community house, members attend primary schools in 42 settlements in Mohács and Boly district, for foundation development sessions. Members of these groups are primary school students. The community house is the second self-built property of the foundation, and an ideal venue for implementing the Life Travel Program. The modern but home-like environment also provides a background for talented young people of the region for extracurricular development and recreational programs.


Foundation year 2020

Address: Csányi Alapítvány, Szentes 6600, Kiss Bálint utca 9.

Mentors: Őzéné Törőcsik Márta, Kovács Sándor