On New Roads in Kaposvár

On New Roads in Kaposvár

The Kaposvár Community House was filled with great excitement on Saturday, October 22, as the youngest group had an unforgettable day together. This year, we chose ‘Roads’ as the title of our project and we will explore the topic in several different ways.

In the morning, we explored the path of knowledge from mathematics, and then we ventured into the field of logic with Valéria Skoda, who presented two board games to the group. The children enthusiastically threw themselves into the games, during which they got to know new ways in the field of thinking.

What’s more, the group got a special treat for lunch. From our back yard, we harvested some persimmons, and then one of the parents made jam out of it which ended up on the children’s pancakes.  Naturally, it turned out delicious.

In the afternoon, Nóra Nógrádi gave a lecture on transport, which was also related to our Roads project: ‘As soon as we leave the safety of our own home, we join numerous commuters. Whether we are trying to get to our destination on foot, by bike, by car or by public transport, we must always pay attention to the dangers lurking in our way. This is why, I gave a lecture to the younger members of the K1 group about safe and environmentally conscious transport within the framework of the ‘Ready, Set, Drive!’ program.

We talked about the importance and rules of the two most environmentally conscious modes of transport, walking and cycling, the advantages of public transport, the consequences of harmful carbon dioxide emissions and what we can do about it. I tried to make my presentation as interactive as possible, between each slide we talked a lot about the children’s unique experiences and opinions on the topic of transportation. We ended the presentation with a playful quiz, where we tested the knowledge, they had acquired during the presentation.

The afternoon was spent in a pleasant atmosphere, as the students were extremely active, enthusiastic, and asked a lot of questions related to the topic. I am glad that with this program I was not only able to give a useful lecture, but also got to know the youngest members of our Community House better.’

Nóra Nógrádi, K3