Veszprém – Logic Camp

Veszprém – Logic Camp

Day 1: In the late afternoon we arrived in Veszprém, the location of our logic camp. After the first dinner, we checked in to the hostel we’re staying at and then got to know our companions and volunteers, as they are going to hold the logic lessons for us. After that we explored the old town of Veszprém together. At the end of the day we had a delicious ice cream in the town centre. We are looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 2: This morning we already had some classes. We have gained a lot of new knowledge about argument techniques. The lessons were spent in a good mood. After lunch our group set off for Tihany. First we walked to the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany, then a part of our group was swimming in Lake Balaton, while the others were playing cards and were walking together. Some of us even took an exhausting tour to the Inner Lake. At the end of the day we played football together. Zsófia Trixler, Group 1 of Kaposvár

Day 3: This morning was really fun, because we could listen to the presentations of our junior mentors and solve logical tasks and played various games. We also started working with our volunteer, Adam Balogh. In the afternoon we travelled to Tapolca, where we could improve our knowledge in the Visitor Center of the Lake Cave. The most exciting part of the day was the boat trip. Some of us got a little scared, but nobody got wet! After dinner, we even went to the cinema where we watched Marvel’s latest movie Spiderman: Far From Home. With the film’s enchanting visuals, the main message was the importance of friendship. Kata Környei, Group 2 of Mohács 


Day 4: In the morning we had breakfast as usual and then Adam, Szancsi, Dani and I started our lessons. We were so excited to host the different teams in our classrooms. They had to take a quiz, and do some excercises related to logic in our class. All of the teams had fun with us and did their job as well as they could, so we have experienced an exciting competition between them. After lunch we got onto the bus and headed towards the beach of Balatonfüred and it’s aquapark. We took the slides in the aquapark and also played a lot of volleyball, football and frisbee too. After dinner we could choose to play football or just take a walk in the city with the others. Mark Somogyi from Szeged Group 1, BME Mechanical Engineering Student

Day 5: After breakfast, we had the usual logic session. And just like previously, they were again very interesting and funny and we could learn a lot from them. After lunch, we got on the bus to Zirc where we visited the beautiful Cistercian abbey church. It is a really stunning, beautiful place. The monk who introduced us to the church, telling its history, made it so easy-to-follow, memorable, funny, that we turned into a really interested, enthusiastic audience and laughed a lot. After having a look at the church, we went out to the surrounding arboretum where we walked a lot and had a chat. Our next program, to the great delight of many, was bob sliding, which we enjoyed a lot. We finished the day with a fine dinner and went to play football and volleyball. Hanna Szép, Group 1 of Mohács

Day 6: Today, besides the logic classes, I made the children fill out a quiz on several topics, such as literature and history. The morning sessions were pleasant and full of fun. We were already looking forward to Saturday afternoon, as a visit to the Zoo in Veszprém was planned for today. We could have a glimpse into the life of these wonderful animals. We saw, among other things, camels, zebras, elephants, and last but not least my personal favourites, lions and seals. After dinner we announced the results of the daily competitions with Adam, Dani and Mark and rewarded the best performances. Right after we accompanied the boys to give them spiritual support while playing football. Meanwhile the other part of the team discovered the historic downtown of Veszprém. Alexandra Fitos, Group 1 of Kaposvár