VIIth Arts and Crafts Camp in Sarlóspuszta – Awakening

VIIth Arts and Crafts Camp in Sarlóspuszta – Awakening

“The VIIth Arts-and-Craft Camp will take place in Sarlóspuszta from 6 to 12 August 2022. The project “Awakening” gave everyone the opportunity to develop their talents to the maximum. 177 participants started their creative work in 10 sessions in an inspiring environment.

We are delighted that in addition to the Foundation’s grantees who are committed to the arts, 17 talented young people from Transylvania and their chaperones from the Social and Child Protection Directorate of Harghita and Covasna County joined the creative camp. Thanks to Zoltán Elekes, CEO, Gabriella Fehér, Csilla Nyulas Petres, Zsuzsa Berecz and Melinda Holló for their efficient cooperation in helping to achieve this common project, which is an uplifting feeling for everyone and a beautiful experience that will remain.

The key to the camp’s success was the concerted efforts of foundation staff, mentor-assistants, volunteers and teachers. We would also like to thank all the staff of the Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel for providing us with the conditions for the optimal organisation of the camp for many years.” Andrea Bálint- Orsós, camp leader mentor, Pécs group 3

Presentation of sections:

Watercolour, acrylic painting: ‘Work has begun on the theme of Awakening. Several interesting and colourful works were created. There is a wide age range, but nevertheless the common work brought people together very well. We would like everyone to develop their maximum knowledge and talent by the end of the week. With the support of the Foundation we have purchased a lot of new equipment, which will further facilitate the work of the section. The section has 20 participants.” Project leader: Dominik Heilmann, mentor-assistant Mohács Group 2

Csányi Band: “On Sunday the VIIth Arts Camp started in Sarlóspusta. We are very enthusiastic about the week ahead of us, and we are especially happy that our team has doubled in size and that our peers from Transylvania have joined us this year. This year we are trying to put our own emotions and styles into the songs, so we have decided to write songs together and work in workshops alongside rehearsals. A lot of creative ideas have already been expressed on the first day, so I’m excited to see what we come up with by the end of the camp. The Csányi Band is showing a different side of itself. I feel like we’ve reached a new level, I’m looking forward to a lot from this week. Of course, in addition to creating, we are listening to acclaimed artists whose work has influenced our music. Together with the Chamber Orchestra, we’ll also be making music together again, travelling through the world of today’s fusion jazz and symphonic sound. The Csányi Band has 15 members.” Project leader: Andrea Kalla, mentor-assistant Jászberény Group 2

Graphic design: “THE CREATIVE VIEW OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The course focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to support the creative design process, with a strong emphasis on its correct and responsible use as a tool. AI is not just a modern technological tool, but a major achievement of our time that can bring inspiration and efficiency to the creative project process. The aim is to familiarise children with the basics of AI and to help them understand how versatile and useful it is as a tool, despite its technical limitations, and how much it can help them in the process of artistic creation. It is important to recognise the importance of using AI correctly and ethically. When to use AI and when to rely on our own creativity. The aim is to develop an informed thinking and critical approach that will help avoid excessive and irresponsible use of AI. The number of participants in the session is 6.” Project leader: Szilvia Fatér, volunteer

Chamber Orchestra: “The Chamber Orchestra has started rehearsals, and a new member has joined the group, a violinist. In addition to the separate rehearsals for brass and strings, the group has also begun rehearsals for the entire ensemble. We started to learn works by Haydn and Bach, alongside our clarinettist Zsombor Barkóczy’s adaptation of “We are the Grund”. We plan to work with other sections again, and we will also be involved in the work of the literary evening and the drama section. Together with the Band, we will work on a song from our bassist Tihamér Szereceán’s formation Ineffable.” Project leaders: Music teachers Adriána Kalafszky and Elemér Fehér

Animation: “We have paved new paths in our section. We’re trying to expand on the poem film and theme, although we’re not going to let go of the stop-motion basics we’ve started in the past at camp. The first day will be about introducing the equipment, putting it together and setting up the location. Then we got into the production of ideas to build the storyboard basics without any written text. We’ll try to film a piece of the writing session in the coming days, then move on to a well-worn path of unfolding the theme of Awakening.” Project leader: Barnabás Szövényi Mentor, Kaposvár Group 1

Felt: “Work started with 13 people in the felt section. After a short discussion and getting to know each other, we planned the shapes of the first works, based on Matisse’s paper collages. We then made a pre-felt from coloured ribbon wool, from which we cut out the patterns. The work will continue in the following days, drawing on the art of Kandinsky and Miró, we will look for the connection between colours and shapes, shaping and forming the coloured wool with wet and dry (needle) felting. The creative tasks are carried out in a fun and playful way, using an ancient technique.” Project leader: Ildikó Nagy, mentor, Jászberény Group 3.

Drama: “The Drama section has been very enthusiastic about working together this year. The majority of the team greeted each other as acquaintances, but we were also happy to welcome new actors making their debut this year, including 3 friends from Transylvania. On the first afternoon, we relived the excitement of last year’s performances in the traditional situational exercises. We plan to keep at it this year: in order to showcase as much talent as possible, we will try to stage two plays. We’re counting on the support of the other workshops. The number of participants in the section is 22.” Project leader: drama teacher Zoltán Papp

Nature Photography: “On the opening day of the camp, the Nature Photography section started its work. During the week, the focus of the workshop will be on retouching photos from the previous week’s nature photography camp in Baks. In addition, we will also be touring the areas around the site of the Art Camp, where we will be taking macro photographs and insect portraits. After a joint analysis of the finished images, we will also post-process them, so that during the week the children will be able to develop their photographic skills in several genres and will be able to present photographs on different themes at the gala evening on Friday. There are 17 participants in the session.” Project leader: Péter Mikics Mentor, Szeged Group 1

Creative Writing: “The creative writing section came to the VIIth Arts Camp from a week-long creative writing camp in Szentes, where we started creating with new and old members. This year’s theme is Awakening, a very deep and complex image, and the last thing that comes to mind is opening one’s eyelids in the morning. This week we will be creating in several genres and styles, and the young writers can try their hand at poetry and prose, but there will also be time for reading, conversation and play, because play is a way of embalming the soul and keeping it young – is this a kind of awakening? The number of participants in this session is 17.” Project leader: Bianka Járay, Group 2, Pécs

Media: “The media section has started its work at the Arts Camp in Sarlóspuszta. Since there were many new participants in the section, we first got to know each other and then outlined what we would be working on. A special news report on the life of the camp will be produced by the media section crew, so we discussed what our tasks would be during the week. During the afternoon the participants also got to know the equipment, trying out cameras, microphones and tripods. From Monday, the work starts, the shooting begins. There are 9 participants in the session.” Project leader: Zsuzsa Fenyő mentor, Kaposvár Group 3

Enriching programmes: ‘The joy of creation permeates every minute of camp life. When the work in the sessions is finished, the relaxing jewellery making and colourful textile dyeing begins. Wearables and utensils are made. Fun recreation keeps the enthusiasm alive and the soul happy.” Edina Nagy, volunteer

“On 9 August, as part of a career guidance project, we had the opportunity to visit the Budapest Complex Crafts Technical College, where participants were given an insight into four trades:

Goldsmithing: includes some artistic drawing. In this programme, the students were given an insight into the beauty of this craft, with all its materials, tools and work processes. The students worked with copper, where they made a simple but cute little object to take home as a souvenir.

Creative photographer: the students were given an insight into the workings of a photo lab, where they worked with teachers to photograph various objects on photographic paper without a camera, using appropriate equipment, and then developed the photos. This process makes it very easy to produce artistic images.

Animated film: during the programme, students made films or photographs of themselves and the surrounding buildings, which they animated in the school’s studio according to their own ideas.

Dental technician: with the help of specialist teachers, students were given an insight into the workings of a dental technician’s laboratory, while also being able to participate in simple procedures such as plastering.

On 10-11 August, the Aster Fire Enamelling team held a fire enamelling craft session for interested camp participants.

During the camp, open sessions were held in the evenings, giving participants the opportunity to get to know each other’s work better. Due to the great success of this tradition, it will be continued.

The atmosphere at the Farewell Evening was once again enthusiastic this year. The sections presented their activities of the week. It was a pleasure to see the camp participants celebrating each other’s successes together.

It was a fantastic camp. The key to our success is cooperation, mutual respect, appreciation of each other’s work and the feeling of creating together…. I hope that all readers will share this feeling with us.”  Andrea Bálint- Orsós Camp Leader Mentor, Pécs Group 3

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